In our span of existence, we encompass realities, truths and situations as we know them and sometimes as we can stretch to imagine them. We hardly ever give space to things to be as they could be. To allow in ideas which seem improbable, unreal and fanciful. Then one day, a blog, a conversation or a random get together later, new vistas open up between two unlikely elements and suddenly, the horizons are boundless and possibilities unlimited.

Today for lunch I met two Unlikelies. People who I have known by face and name for over half a decade but people who I got to know in the last few months as result of time, situation and distance. Conversation flowed non-stop, not because we knew each other, but because we didn’t. We were people brought together by choice, by a realization that our boxes were no longer working and it was time to step out of them and relearn so many things about the world in general. A little hesitant at first, soon all pretenses at being careful flew out as the real personas emerged; the blog personas, the wives persona, the singles persona, the artists persona, all effortlessly minglling together to create a dynamic between three people who were simply willing to let the unlikely become something likely.


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