mirror mirror on the wall

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Along with space issues and identity crises, the first few months of marriage can also be marked by strange art on bathroom mirrors – all in the name of love and monthly anniversaries!


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people who know me...know me.

9 thoughts on “mirror mirror on the wall”

  1. It’s the small gestures that make all the difference. I think.

    And yes, as Mahnoor said on the previous post, I learn something new from this blog every time.

    Keep well, both of you.

  2. Love, it really can make people do crazy things…haha!
    very cute!
    and I dont know what happened to the comment before this one…sorry about that!

  3. Aw…. cutee….. 😀
    I wuvvvv your blog…. its soooo nice and completely fresh reading about someone who isnt the usual **my husband’s an ass, my mother in law is evil, my sister in law is making my life hell**
    i love your perspective on life and on marriage… 😀

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