They spring up out of nowhere really.
Dim grey memories of things which other people had made me not like about me.
They reside in dark recesses of the mind, jumping out at a familiar song, a stray photograph or simply a floating memory. Fighting them is easy when I have my pink ladies in waiting or my blue knight in shining armour by your side- demons vanish in poof of multicolured smoke when confronted by happy thoughts or memories or realities. But when I’m by myself, I need to be stronger- more equipped with my faith and belief that I took the right turns all along.

I wonder why demons continue to exist once you have apparently slayed them. Are the short spurts of reminders on how you got to your happy place? Just to make sure we never really get complacent? Or do these spectres never really get slayed at all and are just lying there dormant in you waiting for a moment of vulnerability to spring up to suddenly sink their teeth into your insecurities again?


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