big changes, little changes.

Marriage is the big Change. The one with the captial letter.
Or so I’d heard from anyone who got married and dropped out of our usual scene. There would always be an “inlaws thing” on the same day we decided to hang out, or a “let me ask my husband”- or simply a “we’ll see”. People you saw everyday or atleast heard from once a week completely became unavailable, territories got marked, and accessibility was a hurdle.

Maybe very little has changed in my life since Marriage. Or maybe I just took it as yet another life experience or maybe I really *am* weird, but the big changes didn’t shake my earth very much. Tiny little tremors, perhaps, but who doesn’t like an occasional jolt, just to shake things up a little? However today as I got dressed to go to our bloggers meetup, I started looking around for my black dupatta, and then remembered that I had sent it for laundry. As a complete natural reaction, I left the closet to go ask one of my sisters for their black dupattas. And stopped in my tracks as I realized I don’t live at home anywhere. I don’t know about them big changes, but the little changes are more than enough for me right now.


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7 thoughts on “big changes, little changes.”

  1. i think what apparently seem like small changes are actually the bigger ones…shadi tu honee hai, ghar chor kar tu jana hee hai, all of that is u know drilled into us…so we adjust some way or the other…but its these everyday people, actions, routines that we take for granted that are missed the most and THAT TRULY IS A BIG CHANGE!!
    im glad u guys had fun meeting up wish it happened when i was there…:)

  2. I think thats a reason why I fear getting married. How am I supposed to know if i’ll make a good wife? Will I be able to handle those changes? Will I be able to bare the in-laws? What if I screw up once?..will that ruin my marriage for the rest of my life?…so many questions! How did you know you were ready to take the big step and get married? Weren’t you afraid of leaving your “home” werent you afraid of the “changes”?

  3. yeah i totally feel you on this! i miss living with my sisters and friends. there was always an endless supply of heels, earrings and make-up to rummage through. plus the nonstop chatter of every random detail of that day…i’m calling baji right now. 😉

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  5. Change is truly scary when thought about, but when it actually occurs its not so bad, because we constantly live thru changes, even if we don’t always notice.
    i think u’r blog is great, MashAllah you write so beautifully..

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