to abba- who i will always argue with.

Most of the time (when I haven’t been disagreeing and arguing with him) I have felt bad for my dad. Not only has he always been outnumbered by the women in the house, he has been outnumbered by women who are headstrong, independent, and have their own ideas about absolutely everything. And I mean everything. He has been a good sport, though, having -evolved a method of absolute shut-off-and-ignore that I suppose becomes necessary for sanity. He surfaced occasionally to impose curfews (which were adhered to loosely) insist on family dinners (which were attended grumblingly) and demand his TV time (which was always given willingly). Over the years he mellowed down from needing to prove his rule over the house, to a kind of a quiet acceptance of the fact that he was king of the house in name alone. Until now. Happy Father’s Day, Abba. Enjoy the spoils.

For some eight and twenty years to start,
He’s been surrounded by us females strong;
We know our mind and we know our hearts,
He knew he could never win for long.
It’s his time now to gloat with glee,
He’s leading by a landslide;
He smiles his oh-so-cheeky smile
‘Coz he’s got two boys by his side!!


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8 thoughts on “to abba- who i will always argue with.”

  1. hahaha- my abbu too. though he has a son by his side!

    p.s. nonetheless, interesting how so many of us have the 3 daughters and an ammi combo! 🙂

  2. just thought id drop by and leave a comment on the one u left at mine.

    u might be celebrating ur first at 30, but from ur blogs i can tell you knew what u wanted and where u were headed within this one yr, if not before. sometimes when i read ur blog, i go ‘aah thats how u describe this feeling’. because mashaAllah u are able to understand and poignantly describe everything. i think its taken me four yrs to accomplish what uve done in one;) keep it up!

  3. boo to all of you!

    but yes, knowing the three of you, and knowing that teddybear of a dad of urs, i can only sympathise with how he’s managed to have any say in anything for the past 28yrs!
    but yes, i can see the glee in his expression!
    he’s got the irani and the K now!

  4. Hi,

    I have been a big fan of your work for a long time now. I can proudly say that I am one of those who visits your blog every morning to read what you have to say.:o)

    I have just launched a monthly creative women’s e-zine and would like to invite you to write for it. You can talk about anything appealing to a Women audience. I do hope you like the idea!

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