I’m a big one for “coming full circle”. I love people, experiences and realizations that allow me to realize with a jolt exactly how far I have come. I like thinking back one year to where I was and thinking forward one year to where I might be. In college, Amna and I used to (on special days like birthdays or end of trips) take a piece of paper and write about what was happening in our lives and seal it to be openeed a year or two years later. Needless to say when we did open it, life had always radically altered. This exercise provided us with much needed laughter, much required perspective and always always a sense of “things keep changing”. In some way, I believe it has made me who I am today.

This year on our first anniversary k and I also started a similar tradition. We decided that we will, on the night of our wedding anniversary each year, write a letter to each other about what that year was like for us together. Things learnt, realizations made, something we thought…and without letting the other person read it, we would seal that letter marking it as “Year One” and put it away- all to be opened in 2011 on our fifth year together, inshallah. It’s been a year-one I can’t really sum up. Not in a blog. Not in a lifetime of words.


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16 thoughts on “happily-ever-after-one-year”

  1. very, very sweet and very apt blog!

    @exercise. me thinks thats one of the reason y i blog. By recalling the events in mine/eesa’s life, at the end of the day when i sit to blog, i’m forced to appreciate all the goodies around me!!

    often times we’re so lost worrying over everything thats gone wrong, we dont appreciate the goodness… i’m sure something like this exercise helps u keep your positivity in check and makes you feel like a better person overall!!

  2. i have a question… ur blog tag line says ‘marriage is not for the faint hearted’…

    do u really think so? or is that tag line from before u got married and ure reffering to all the preps that go into getting married?

  3. hmm i dont know- the word fainthearted always reminded me of the cowardly lion in wizard of oz and how h discovers he has courage inside him- so in a way i guess its linked to that- that we find that whatever we are looking for- is usually inside us- and the time leading upto my engagement and wedding was about finding it in me πŸ™‚ hehe never really thought about it until right now but yep that would be it

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary Jammie. We (my class) did this time capsule like thing when I was in Uni, will open that time capsule in 2020. Its always a really intriguing idea.

  5. hey you … buhut buhut mubarak ho … it’s so good to read your anniversary entry .. i have been waiting for it for so long now πŸ™‚ as I’ve been following the blog since your engagement!

    Wishing you and K many many happy years together …. from both Arfiman and BPC.

  6. Putting our thoughts onto paper is the best way to relive our lives.

    Each year on May 26th (my daughter’s birthday) I write her a letter. I talk about the little things she did. The memories that I know I won’t be able to recall when she’s 20.

    Maybe I am doing this for myself, I don’t know, only time will tell. But I can assure you that when you open those envelopes in 5 years, it will reaffirm your faith in love, relationships and why you got into this in the first place πŸ™‚

    Happy Anniversary!

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