all choked up.

About a month ago I had my anomaly scan. For the non-moms out there, that’s the midway detailed scan which is done to ensure that the baby is doing all right, there are no exra organs developing that don’t need to be there and that generally, there are no problems. Since k had not been with me for any scan yet, it was an exciting moment, one that I had been looking forward to and that we had talked about quite a bit. I mean, this would be a sort of a first introduction with our baby. Without it looking like a blob.

Cut scene to me lying on the bed and the sonologist peering at the screen, which faces away from me. K can see it and since I can’t, I’m watching his face for signs of overwhelming emotion. Now I don’t have much experience with dads-to-be since it has been most of my closer female friends who have had babies, so I have all these preconceived notions about how men generally get choked up at the thought of a child. Blame the Indian films but men (good men, that is) always seem to be most anxious for children and exhibit appropriate amounts of spontaneous emotion especially when in the dramatic situation. Now knowing k, I couldn’t expect that of course, but I was optmistically looking for any tell-tale “I’m-looking-at-my-future” wobble to the chin or glisten in the eyes. As I waited for the doctor to finish making her notes so she could turn the screen to me, I could see k’s eyes narrow then widen and then finally this triumphant smile broke through. He looked directly at me, and excitedly exclaimed, “Awwww, it looks like a dinosaur!!”

Congratulations everyone, we are having a dinosaur.


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3 thoughts on “all choked up.”

  1. mahnoorie said…

    congrats jammie!!!

    2:00 AM

    moizza said…

    Classic.Your baby will have a fantastic time reading this blog Inshallah. As long as he/she is not called Binky or Barney that is.

    3:42 AM

    pandora said…
    congratulations πŸ™‚

    5:25 AM

    Anonymous said…
    its a boy for you!

    6:25 AM

    sheza said…
    hahah! thats soooo funny.

    so have u decided on a name yet? moizza says binky or barney! i say denver;)

    12:41 PM

    3rd avenue said…
    congratulation on your dino. my vote is for barney! πŸ˜›

    5:33 PM

    ~meyum & a half~ said…
    perfect kman comment:D
    heheheh..purple baby???

    9:10 PM

    kAy said…
    hello? what if its a girl?

    11:19 PM

    Karachiite said…
    congratulationnssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 πŸ˜€

    inshaAllah khair!!

    2:24 AM

    Anonymous said…
    hey kay jammie gave it away..its a boy for sure..congratulations ya’ll

    11:48 AM

    Shezalldat said…
    kay, if its a girl then dina for denver and bina for barney. and well dino can pass off for both. haha!

    haha! hope u dont mind sara, its all in humour!

    11:14 AM

    ghazal pirzada said…
    sara j!
    i shall come to u soooon! a big hug is due:D

    3:19 AM

    jammie said…
    thanks everyone πŸ™‚
    also for the name suggestions hehe. just keep praying everything stays ok πŸ™‚

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