“he makes you uncomplicated”

Last night was one of those evenings which remind you of the reason you have friends. Because you don’t have to, shouldn’t have to, try too hard to make things happen. Somehow, without too much to and fro, without too many who’s coming whens and for how long, we all found ourselves at Hussys after having picked up our own fast foody dinners. Conversation was hilarious and retarded from the word go and though the actual words end up sounding worthy of being committed to an asylum on occasion, the ideas that they underlined, the ideas, the meaning, the reality was all true and what connects us as people today. It was one of those times when everyone was perfectly comfortable in their skin, with what was being said, or implied and suggested. And amidst the laughter, we were sharing.

On many an occasion after a particularly tiresome get-together, socially or work-wise, I find myself messaging a friend who I know will understand and asking why we do this to ourselves. Put oursleves in a situation where we know it will be fraught with tension and in the end the point of a relaxing evening is totally lost. Do we keep putting ourselves in foregone disaster combinations because we keep giving it another chance? Do we keep hoping that something in our relationships will reshift and suddenly we will all reclick- maybe because we know we have the potential to?

Another friend, more on the sidelines, claims it’s our inability to let go of relationshsips which have outgrown us. And instead of moving on gracefully, with mutual acceptance, we prefer to indulge in the awkwardness of a uncomfortable set up, wading through prolonging silences and indulging in meaningless chit chat. Perhaps we need to let time redefine relationships more naturally and give into the notion that thngs will not always be the same. That no matter how much you love or care for a certain kind of people, maybe they are not to be your everyday people. And then, quickly, silently, you say a prayer of thanks for the everydayers.


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