say it my way.

I have always been a bit of a language snob. There are some turns of phrases that I simply don’t like and I won’t deem to give you a reason for it. There is no grammatical or metaphorical reason for this. I simply don’t like the way they sound. Of course, progestron-ally speaking, my tolerance levels for weird phrases has reached an all-time low, especially ones pertaining to pregnancy. To share a few of the very annoying ones,

1. Are you in the family way? (eww)

2. She’s got a bun in her oven. (yuck)

3. The Classic sub-continental “paaon bhaari” phrase. (double yuck)

4. The Other Classic sub-continental “pait se hai” phrase. (double eww)

5. When will you pop? (sigh!)


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10 thoughts on “say it my way.”

  1. you’re forgetting the other desi favorite…

    “khushkhabri hai?”

    (double, triple, YUCK!)

    And it’s seriously the only classification of “good news” that we have. If someone says it, you immediately think: pregnancy. There is no other such kushkhabri in our lives.

  2. cheesoo- i am with child sounds impossibly british so i didnt have a probelm ehhe.

    hinamommy- you are right. i forgot about that- and yes we do not have any other happy news in our realm of existence once married 😉 didnt you know that ??hehe

  3. i was once asked by a total stranger (a guest in the hotel) if the boss (the gm) had popped yet?!

    imagine my discomfort 😦

    Congratulations by the way! (i know im quite late 🙂 )

  4. a bun in the oven hahahaha – u know guys say that all the time on their own 😀 but i wouldnt have expected it to be dropped in front of the mom to be herself.

  5. oh i heard one while i pregnant…

    ‘omeed se hai’

    like hina mommy and you said… apparently the only umeed we are allowed once we get married!

  6. hehehehe i SO plan to say “i am with child”. i LOVE it, so regency funny, like having the vapours 😀 bun in oven is just skanky. ewww.

  7. prego/preggers for me. I used to use the terms and finally realized how absurdly ick they sound…i suppose no woman wants to be referred to as spaghetti sauce (prego)! 🙂 ditto on the khushkabri comment.

  8. hahahah!! I recently got married (2months) and yes you are so right!
    I wonder why are ppl so interested in us having kids..y cannot we enjoy our lives and have kids when we want.
    also the interests of MILs in cot lain gay (Man theres n baby’s news for years hold!)

  9. The most common I’ve heard is “she’s expecting” or “silsila hai”

    Lol. I will never understand why the aunties in our family shy away from the word “pregnant”?

    Anyway Congratulations! I’m so happy for you 🙂

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