it’s 5:45am and all’s well.

No matter how close a person to you has gotten pregnant and produced a human being, it only takes going through it yourself to fall in love with the “wonderful” little things that keep happening to you.  Latest in the line of funny things to have happened to me in my almost seven-month journey is the fact that I have turned into an alarm clock. Every morning on the dot of 5:45am, my eyes spring wide open. Wide open mind you, no eye-rubbingly lazy stretchy kind of getting up. Crashingly wide open and I am up, alert, awake, achy and recently, not at all alone. My little Junebug is always up with me, kicking up a storm, dancing away, thinking, “Cool! Mommy’s up- lets keep her company!” As I watch k turn over and mumble something in his happily deep slumber, oblivious to my hour of aimless pottering around the room, I fight the urge to shake him awake and hope this is a pre-birth thing only.


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6 thoughts on “it’s 5:45am and all’s well.”

  1. Ha ha ha… live it and love it. My mom used to say that it’s God’s way of preparing the mom for the numerous times she will be waking up through the night AFTER the baby is born.

    I remember staying awake for 2 consecutive weeks after Iman was born and then realizing that I really didn’t need sleep at all 🙂

  2. and yesterday i asked khizzy- “how does jammie look?”

    khizzy: very pregnant! 🙂

    and i have a persistent little smile on my face and every time i play with mr. nephew i think o’ you and what fun the family is about to have! 🙂

    inshaAllah infinito! 😀

  3. thank you for your comment. i’m glad you enjoyed my random rambling. something about pregnancy makes you want to share and share some more – even though you’re sure nobody ever felt this way about this baby or pregnancy in the history of the world. i was going to do a post on this but maybe some other day – i’m now at that stage where i can’t watch anything to do with children being hurt, abused or crying without ending up in tears anymore! the rage, the helplessness…we’re planning a trip to india for my sister’s wedding in may and the thought that there will mosquitos after my bebe’s blood makes me so mad!
    enjoy every quirk of your pregnancy and your wonderful man.

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