blue or pink?


Usually the first question anyone asks you when they find out you are pregnant is whether it is a boy or a girl. And supposing you are part of the decreasing percentage who haven’t found out, they ask you whether you want a boy or a girl. There is no politically correct answer, of course. If you say you want a boy, then you are a “typical” because everyone wants a boy- “boys are posterity”.  If you want a girl, then you are a mush- because “girls bring joy”. If you say you don’t care as long the baby’s healthy, people don’t believe you because it’s just too “safe” an answer.

We discussed finding out the sex of the baby very early on and it was pretty much a mutual decision that we didn’t want to know. My reasoning was that the announcement is much more exciting when you get to say “it’s a boy!” or “its a girl!” excitedly. Plus I knew I would never been able to keep it to myself had I found out. So the decision made, we have waded happily into the wide wide world of yellows, whites, turquoises and greens as opposed to the clearly divided world of blues and pinks.

Now just because you have decided not to find out doesn’t mean you don’t get pulled in very happily to the speculations and guessing game of whether it is a boy or a girl. And for that very purpose, (and for the entertainment of the audience, of course) there are several “very reliable” methods I’m told, of being able to tell whether my little junebug will be be a an xx or an xy. So A told me on the phone yesterday of the newest method of being able to tell which is to let a drop of liquid run down from my belly button and if it’s a straight line then it’s a boy. My egg shaped bump is also another tell-tale sign that it’s a boy. So is the fact that I had no morning sickness, apparently. And the fact that I “glow” is a dead giveaway that it’s a boy. Girls are predicted by the fact that the mom-to-be gets acne, carries her high, puts on weight on her butt and her face is rounder anf fuller. And of course at some point of college life we have all done the ring over the hand/belly thing to determine how many kids of what sex we will be having with the men we were hopelessly in love with at that time. Now if I could only remember what that ring had told me those 10 years ago about my first baby and maybe my shopping would get easier!

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19 thoughts on “blue or pink?”

  1. first of all, congratulations!
    your words are beautiful to read. you are a definite nominee for a blookster award!(
    my sister gave birth to the most gorgeous baby girl ever four months back and she has become the light of my life even though i havent met her yet. its amazing what babies can do to one’s life. i hope you have a very healthy baby! inshaAllah ta’Ala! 🙂

  2. lol. it’s fun to be kept guessing huh? first few months everyone predicted i was going to have a boy, i was glowing, carrying low, the usual number of reasons and then smack in month 7, some of those same people said it might be a girl because i was suddenly carrying higher, but still glowing and all of that.
    i wish there was a foolproof way of knowing but you know even the ultrasound is a not always 100% right, sadly.
    and you’re right, it’s more fun, when you can prove it! see, it’s boy! see, it’s a girl!
    and i don’t know why healthy, happy, normal, non-colicky baby isn’t a good enough answer, either.

  3. thanks hafsaa 🙂 i dont know about the award but writing def tunrs out therapeutic at times for me 🙂 and am looking fwd to the baby doing all that you say to my life too inshallah.

    mona- i actually dont want to know and somehow everyone has a hard time believing that hehe. maybe it doesnt go with what the think my personality is. and the predictions are so far all leaning towards a boy 🙂

  4. 🙂 Congratulations again. Glad you’re going with neutrals. My brother and his wife got a lot of pinks and blues as gifts before their first. As it happened, bro got posted to quetta right after abdullah was born and couldn’t travel back to civilisation for a while. Come the five month mark, I met abdullah at the quetta airport in a pink twin set with little hearts and “goddess” written all over.

  5. hey sara j!
    i was waiting to meet u and then hug u and congratulate u, but thats not happening:(
    btw, my brother and bhaabi did the same and it surely was a surprise saying… its a gurl!:D
    good luck and lots of duaz…
    inshallah sab khairiat say hojaiy ameen.
    hoping to see u soooon!
    luv- ghazal.

  6. When I was pregnant with Iman, we didn’t find out either. Same reason… as long as the baby is healthy… it doens’t matter what you’re having. Then we had a lot of guessing and game playing to determine the gender.

    It’s fun.

    But what’s even more fun is when you give birth and the doctor tells you, “It’s a….”

    Having said that, we bought all neutral colors, and on the 3rd day out of the hospital I went out and exchanged EVERYTHING into pinks and purples 🙂

  7. haha! hina, we did the same thing. Although, i did really want to find out. In foresight, it’s a good thing that I didnt coz otherwise I’d most likely have raided the malls for everything possible in 9 months.

    and you’re right “it’s a …. ” moment at the hosp was the my most anticipated and cherished moment at the hosp!

  8. hehe sam- ill take that as a warning. 🙂

    thanks ghazal- maybe this tuesday?

    hina/sheza- im trying not to buy anything other than what i need intially (read yellows and whites ;)) will go crazy with colours and shopping once i get to know my baby’s tastes and preferences a little inshallah hehehe. 😀

  9. misha’s my sister and it IS a pretty name 🙂
    i remember the doctor telling me after week 34 the chances of a breech baby turning around are marginal and even more so, beyond week 36, too little space, too little fluid and too much baby!
    do you know if they would attempt a normal delivery if your baby continues to be breech or will you too have to have a c-sec?

  10. cheesoo- whites are not boring- especially when they have cute little animals etc and all on them-ive seen some adorable whites. hehe i can imagine i would get sick of pink though!

    mona- my doctor says that a normal delivery with breech is possible but all dpeends on right then and there and since i totally trust her, ill go then with whatever she says 🙂

  11. @cheesoo and jammie
    pinks can be too much to take. since my sister knew it was going to be a baby, all the clothes she got were either pink or purple. poor little zara has started outgrowing most of her whites and yellows already. i think babies look most adorable in white 🙂

  12. no noo hina babys not breech yet. hes just always in a breech position during scans somehow. its still early yet for one position 🙂 that wont happen till…hmm..the 36th week i think the doctor said 🙂

  13. i wholeheartedly support your decision not to find out, and to buy neutral colors. my parents decided they “knew” it was going to be a boy, bought everything blue under the sun and lots and LOTS of trucks/legos/etc.

    not that i minded at all… i kind of liked being a tomboy. but still, i might have been happier with whites and greens, and a straightforward rattle or something.

  14. i hear ya@pink. i love purple so that’s going to be my first choice for a girl, altho i wouldnt totally discredit pink… a lil pink here and there is cute.

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