my pregnancy bubble

One of the first emails I got from stressed on the importance of surrounding myself with positivity. People who make me happy, who say things which make feel good about the changes happening in my life. It isn’t always easy of course, because different people have different ways of being supportive. Some feel criticism is good, constructive even and that you will take everything they say in true soldier stride, striving to make your pregnancy a model one. Other feel that by plying you with questions is the way to go, because obviously you want to talk incessantly about the fact that you are in the midst of producing another human being. Yet others want to do a blow by blow account of their own experiences, highlighting the bad or the good to such an extent that you start feel quite overwhelmed.

No matter how happily you are waddling along your own pregnancy bubble, what people say sticks in your head, like that Candi by Lu jungle. They don’t say it out of meanness, I’m sure, but rather a need to participate and a distinct lack of trying to understand to understand the individuality of the whole thing. Some “endearing” comment on you looking like a double decker bus (thats supposed to make me keep smiling at you?) , some “well meaning” advice on not to wear a particular colour because it makes you look “rather bulky” (umm what part of “im seven months pregnant” did you not get again?) or some random comment about about something else which at this hormonal time niggles more than usual.

Sometimes, suddenly in the middle of all the “you should do this” and “you shouldnt do that” you wish everyone would just be quiet and listen to you- try to focus on who you are, what you are going through, what you are feeling instead of trying to feel useful by dispensing random wisdom. Sometimes you want to be heard because really at a time like this the clamour is loudest in your own head and the last thing you need is people trying to drown it out with their own version of what they think should be and could be happening to you. Sometimes, you just want everyone out of your bubble except the people who are willing to sit by you silently and just marvel.


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7 thoughts on “my pregnancy bubble”

  1. i know just how you feel. beyond a certain point, being advised on how to sit, how to eat, what to eat, what to wear…just gets so old.
    hang in there – or just tell people off, you still have the pregnancy hormones to use as an excuse later.
    and hey, how come they let you start shopping this early in pregnancy? it’s a good thing though, by month 8 or 9, you’ll be too tired to get anything done. these days, walking from my apartment building to the car tires me out like nothing else.

  2. hehe yes i have my hormones excuse handy- 🙂 shopping is not on as much- been getting a lot of gifts, and plus im in my seventh month now which isnt quite that early :)- want to finish off a majorioty before i start losing steam in the next few weeks- esp with lots of stuff left to be done for my sisters wedding in july inshallah also.

  3. i wish i could be there to marvel!
    and i know u would never let these ppl get to you. that is the whole point of the pregnancy bubble 🙂
    happy shopping for ur sister’s wedding. i also had same situation with sisters. one got married, while the other just had a baby (baby was 2 months old).
    with all your family/cousins around and their support mashalla, both mother and baby will be in safe hands!

  4. i think when ppl dispense unasked for advice, they feel compelled to contribute to you in some way or another. 😛 i’m going to go a step further and say that the pregnancy bubble is probably similar to the “about-to-get-married” bubble when everyone gravitates to you b/c you’re so illuminous … well, at least some gracious girls are! 😉 oh, and i’ve bought some adorable clothes for jammie jr. that i’ll send with the MIL.

  5. cheeky- sometimes people get to you sometimes they dont- its a funny thing. 🙂

    sara- you are right of course. all depends on how generous one feels at the moment to allow that invasion na? and thanks sooo much for the stuff- you really didnt have to!!

  6. If you think this is bad then wait till after the baby arrives! The advice, tips, to-do, and not-to-do list will be never ending:)

  7. heyyyy! my sister is getting married in may, in about a month or so after the baby arrives – when s/he does decide to arrive.
    week 39 and baby hasn’t even descended yet.

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