what would a little k-jam look like?


Over the last 7 odd months, there have been plenty of words all around -wonderful wishes, lots and lots of prayers, oodles of advice, nostalgia ridden reminences and more prayers and wishes. Obviously everyone has their own way of participating- whether is through actually being there, silent support type, or saying the right thought provoking words, from across seven seas. One friend, who is also in the thought process of wanting to start a family said that for her the most magically wondrous part of producing a little person is trying to figure out what the combination of her and her husband would actually be like.

It’s the plenty of denial over the lack of imagination that has stopped me from thinking about these details. Having spent the first 6 months in a kind of a pleasant oh-nothing-is-going-to-change mode, the sudden altering of my shape along with the persistent little kicks in the last few weeks has come a sort of dawning awareness that this is going to be, inshallah, a little person in his/her own right. He/she might hate beetroot (like k does), love dancing (like I do); he/she might have an affinity for literature and writing (like I do) or be more the avid movie watcher (that k is). Or he/ she could have have totally different preferences and habits with the me-ness and k-ness coming out in perhaps the looks and mannerisms instead. The thing to sit back in awe over is that somehow, over the next many years of having this wonderful little combination-being to love and live with us, we will watch and learn that much more about ourselves also.


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9 thoughts on “what would a little k-jam look like?”

  1. a little k-jam is going to be just adorable, i can tell, mA!
    it’s exciting isn’t it? in one way, i’m so glad that i didn’t get a 3d scan done and a picture of my baby’s face. i’m going to spend hours once s/he gets here marveling at every single feature and part and limb.
    i close my eyes and i see teeny-tiny plump hands and cupid’s bow lips.

  2. ali baba has r’s chunky knuckles, my eye color, his temperement (thank GOD), my high pitched manic laugh- and every single day is a bloody wonder… i am so excited for you… love the pipe picture, politically incorrect blah blah as it is 🙂

  3. oh, what adorable kids you both were!! wow…am i the “one friend” you’re referring to?? it totally sounds like something i’d say…!

    i really think the mannerism stuff would be the best part, more than hobbies and likes/dislikes…last time i was in khi, my father-in-law would be talking and his mannerism would be EXACTLY like A’s…it would stop me in my tracks suddenly. How enthralling to begin witnessing that sooooooon!

    oh, and i hope your paon get lighter.. 😉 mwah.

  4. Children have a thousand different faces. I remember everyone thought that Iman looked like Omair when she was born, and he would stand there beaming. Personally I can never tell the likeness of a newborn to an adult.

  5. hehe thanks people!! inshallah another 70 days to go and we will have the verdicts in on who he/she looks like- just pray all goes well.

    i agree wit you hina- kids change sooo much you cant ever tell esp not with new borns.

    and yes sara- you are the “friend” referred to 🙂

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