welcome to the last month.

They say that in the last month, as the hormone levels escalate and go tizzy once again, all relationships will be put to a patience test- parents, sisters, friends, colleagues, and especially the poor wonderful husband. So in case I give into this hormonal thingy and start ranting and raving WITHOUT being given reason to, my apologies in advance. I really love you all, it’s just that I am busy finishing growing a baby right now and it’s kind of important that it turns out right. I’ll be fine soon inshallah, back to my usual not-so-distracted self.


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9 thoughts on “welcome to the last month.”

  1. haha hahahah

    Take your time. But beware… postpartum hormones aren’t much nicer.

    And in reply to the comment on my blog, sure you’ll have a great life after the baby. Just be realistic about outings and know what to expect. The rest will be a game only you and K will play best.


  2. reading your blog, as well as hina and mona’s… plus all their comments really makes me want to get married and have a baby!
    you guys make it all seem so much fun. fun?.. is that the word?. exciting? adventure trip? worth it?.. complete?.. YES, that’s it! you guys make motherhood and the whole mommy-to-be expereince so complete.
    and inshalla you’ll be fine. i know it. just don’t let all that aunty advice get to you in your ‘hormonal thingy’ state during this last month. 🙂

    you know what i was just thinking.. wondering actually.. what your posts would be like this time next year?

  3. funny you ask that cheeky!

    I used to wonder that while reading her blog before she got married. And a year and some later, its still fun!

  4. thanks sheza- i cant take any credit for how i look- only the clothes heheh- we’ll get you the nice stuff when you come to pakiland next 🙂

    hina- thanks for the vote of confidence- and the warning on the post partum- 🙂 am hoping we will weather through the bumps with a sese of humour- and hopefully blogging about it will help also 🙂

    cheeky- hehe shezas right- you always look back later and then ahead and marvel and awe at how much you didnt think about so much 🙂 if that makes sense. it is exciting- it is an adventure and yes inshallah worth it andcomplete also- as long as ones head stays on screwed right 🙂 am i right mommies?

  5. thrilled that it’s your last month already. How do you survive 38 weeks of waiting?? I have no patience for anything..can’t phathom the anticipation as it increases…with the due date so near! Big congratulations babe, you’re going to do just great!!

  6. No comments on any blogs… no updates on your own…


    Did you have the baby? If anyone knows, please tell the rest of us too!


  7. no no hina no baby yet- just silence borne of too much thought which is echoing on my blog. just logged int to write when i saw your comment 🙂 dont worry you guys will know when inshallah its baby time!

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