no thank you…

…I do not want to hear your story of how painful the birth was…or watch a documentary on it. I do not want to hear about c-sections, episiotomies, cephallic or breech babies, last minute labour issues or why they induced you despite your begging them not to. As fascinating as it might sound, I don’t want to hear what happened to your friend when she took the epidural or the other friend, when she didn’t. I am not dying to hear of how much tearing, pain, blood sweat and screams it takes to push a person out into the world.  I don’t want to discuss the issues of post birth trauma or post partum depression. At this point of week 34, I don’t “need” to know the realities of anything.  I. am. happy. in. my. denial. la la land. Promise.


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7 thoughts on “no thank you…”

  1. haha, darn right! you don’t need to know any of that stuff coz you’ll have your own special story and it won’t be anything like anything you’ve heard before.
    you’ll be fine. bas, keep it real.

  2. haha! i agree, despite everyone constantly advising me to attend prenatal classes and breathing classes and what not… i was happier dealing with everything as it came as oppossed to stressing abt it 9 months in advance.

    the funny thing is, i never put up my birth story on eesa’s blog coz I didnt like reading other ppls stories. last week, finally a friend convinced me to put up mine and i was in the process of writing it out. Thanks for reminding me of all the reasons why i shouldnt!

  3. its not that i dont want to hear them- its that right NOW i dont want to hear them 🙂 its too soon, too real and too not needed. when its past, inshallah, im sure ill have no issues listening- atleast so I THINK heh. and btw im not posting any birth stories. that much atleast is decided in advance.

  4. ‘and btw im not posting any birth stories. that much atleast is decided in advance.’

    LOL. pregnancy has made u funnier, jammie…

    just make sure u pray whilst in labour (which is actually very comforting).. do lots of dua, for naek & healthy baby, yourself and us also please 🙂

    i took the book of saladin and red it during labour.. its not as bad as they say, i promise

  5. i like your approach.
    and then if someone even tries to open their mouth, you can just knock them out with a punch.

    (thank god you’re still the same jammie, and not turned into a typical melodramatic mommy-to-be.)

  6. hahahaha!
    shit!we had this conversation in the morning!
    all you had to do was tell me to shut up!i’d say we’re close enough.
    im sorry!lol!

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