Last week, my students threw me the cutest surprise baby shower before class. All blue and pink cakes and balloons and everyone singing “happy baby to you- may you have many more”. The day which had started out on a tired draggy note (some last trimester- last month days do that) suddenly became brighter, happier, and as they suggested names and guessed the gender, I realized how even the worst of the pregnancy tiredness and blues can be chased away in the simplest ways possible by people who care. And then of course they asked for the rest of the day off.



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12 thoughts on “happy”

  1. awww that’s so cute:) love the cakes and the chocolate one especailly looks delicious! btw you certainly have the maternal glow 😉

  2. Very sweet!! There’s nothing like feeling special at this time.

    I just read the previous post and had a great laugh. Although it’s no fun to hear birth stories at the end of your pregnancy, it sure is fun to talk about it AFTER it’s over.

    Maybe I’ll post up mine, just so you all can have a good laugh at my expense.

    Hmm… I’ll have to give it a thought, but in the mean time, listen to Mona, keep it real!

  3. thanks aam- dunno about the maternal glow bit hehe- could be the karachi heat making me shine hehe 🙂

    hina- keepin it real as much as i can. so far allah ka shukar, so good- im sure it will be fun to reminisce LATER, but right now LATER is sort of on the other side 😉 ehhe.

  4. Being a teacher myself, I know those students must really like you to do something this special…and homemade cake – says it all!! Anyhoo have been a silent reader for a long time..met you at the Deli once 🙂 Good luck and God bless!

  5. I don’t know when your due date is, but considering the situation in the city and in case you already haven’t already done so, I would suggest you make advance arrangements and plans, and be in close contact with your family at all times.

  6. mona- it was better! a student of mine made it and shes great at it 🙂

    thanks batool- 🙂

    anon- im barely 4-5 mins away from my hospital- and bags will be packed tomm inshallah- and baaki i guess is in Gods hands.
    thjanks for the concern- pray no need for emergency inshallah.

  7. Come home safe and happy. I will fast once I know you and the baby are back home, Inshallah. Keep us posted.

  8. i notice some of the students in the pic are also wearing pick and blue 🙂 was that part of the plan?
    you’re packing your bags?.. wow. now i’m excited!
    inshalla inshalla i hope all goes smoothly. i know each one of us here will be praying for that.

  9. thanks anon- inshallah will keep all posted 🙂

    yes cheeky actually apparently it was part of the plan- hehe i have designer students na- they have to pay attention to details!

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