on being part of the action


…and as the final countdown gets closer and we all are getting ready with our own checklists of what needs to be organized in the next couple of weeks for life to change in the most dramatic way possible, maoo is most happy to be just snoozing away in the moses basket, enjoying his final moments as the baby of the family.


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8 thoughts on “on being part of the action”

  1. That is the sweetest picture! I read in the previous comments that you were planning on packing your hospital bag “tomorrow”. I hope you’ve done it! With Iman, I hadn’t packed and when I went into labor there was MAD chaos in the house.

    I’m really excited as the time gets nearer…

    At the same time I can’t beleive Ayzah is going to be 1 month. Where is the time going??

  2. sheza- i have mostly heard warm loving stories where cats and kids are concerned.

    hina- baby bag is packed and mine will be tomorrow also inshallah. its unbelievable that time is passing by so fast. pray all goes well for me! and happy mothers day to you too 🙂

    mona- 🙂 are you sure youre ready quite this soon again heheh?

  3. how absolutely adorable!! i haven’t witnessed any sibling rivalry between cats and kids, but you have you make sure you give the cat enough attention…

    good luck with everything! and happy mothers day! 🙂

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