look at the pregnant woman!

“Do you people stare at your stomach while talking to you?” asked a friend, when I mentioned to her how much nicer the average person on the street has been to pregnant me. No, I said, after taking a moment to think about it. They don’t really, although I suppose most people cannot help an initial glance down. Not that I blame them. It IS kinda stare-able. Sort of.

She went on to tell me how where she lives-the wonderful capital of our country- she feels a pregnant person is an oddity. My curiousity aroused, I asked her why she felt that way. “Because people are retarded here. They stare at you like you are a weirdo for coming out of the house in this state and when they talk to you, it’s like they are holding a conversation with your stomach and not you.” Funny because at one time I would have thought people here would generally be like that but in recent years, as my own interaction with the pregnant kind increased, I realize I have come to expect more sense and have noticed how people around our kind are now so much more polite with the condition.

My own experience has actually, thankfully, been quite heart-warming. I decided quite early on in my time that I could not be the “huge clothes to cover bump” kind. Personal choice, mind you. I knew I had to spend the nine months being happy with how I looked and that meant figuring out what made me comfortable- in every way. So I went about making clothes which made me feel good, and developing an attitude that made me feel confident. When you plan to work till the second last week, you have to develop an certain amount of immunity to the glance downs. And look-overs. They will come your way no matter what- and if you take them in stride and retain some kind of humour about the whole thing, you realize they are more out of curiousity than anything else anyway. And smiling, you waddle right on.


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10 thoughts on “look at the pregnant woman!”

  1. Hi – have been reading your blog now and then and I must say I like this attitude of yours very much
    very intelligent approach to dealing with the 9 months situation.
    I have made a note of this, will be useful for me as well when the time comes! – thankyou:P

  2. just passing by,

    aaahh.. so nice.. your having a baby… i might be one of the person that would look at your belly..

    enjoy the time

    much love,

  3. I find the bump actually very cute and when I look its in a longing kind of way thinking about the time when I’ll have it and how it would feel =)

  4. hehe thanks guys- just trying to keep it real 🙂

    mona- yes there is this kind of morbid fascination na- of having to look!

    mayya- you get used to it- im wondering how ill feel about NOT having it 🙂

  5. baji had the baby in US. from the minute she’d step out of the house- at work, in malls, on the street, in restraunts – women/men young&old, would look/touch/ask/wish/etc, the first few weeks ammi thought baji is really popular and knows so many people, later she realized that all these well wishers who get so excited are actually just strangers! 😀

    and i am deffo the kind who’d touch and stare and do a little congratulations dance- only if the mommy doesnt look the ‘other-kind’ who should move to a deserted island during pregnancy!

    you rock! 🙂

  6. if someone TOUCHED my stomach and wasnt either my husband, one of my sisters or one of my best friends, id slap them, no matter how warmly they did it or how sweetly they meant it. hello people- something called personal space?? wish me, ask me, even looking i could maybe deal with….but touch….uhh NO.

  7. jam, ure lucky ure in pak then. there’s something about touching and rubbing the bump here. i was really awkwarded out by it as well… even now, everytime i tell anyoone for the first time, the first thing they do is rub my tummy, gimme an ‘aaw’ and then a hug!!

    im still figuring it out!!

  8. i understand well wishes and the concern, thats all really sweet. but why would anyone want to touch the woman’s belly? it seems a bit awkward or crossing the line. i have never not even once touched my sisters belly when they were preg.
    not only is it weird, but i’m not the touchy feely type, and i think my sisters would be more shocked at my behavior than feel violated by touch. i don’t even want to imagine what would happen if someone tried to touch my belly (when the time comes).

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