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You can be the most independent go ahead, grab life by the lapel kinda person you know, squarely demanding your fair share of everything you are due without a moment’s beat or hesitation, but when it has to do with a time when you most need a long fix-it-all-hug, or a friend to be contentedly quiet or chattily nonsensical with, or simply attention and priority, you become the most reticent about demanding it. You sit quietly sometimes, fermenting, or lash out  sporadically, waiting for that magic touch, the wave of the wand, that one really tiny insignificant thing that someone will do for you, without you needing to ask for it, that will be so real and true and unaffected that all the negatives you have so preciously accumulated fizz away in its face.


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5 thoughts on “quick fix”

  1. I have to comment on the last post…

    I don’t know how and why, but for some strange reason, when you become a mom, it’s really hard to retain parts of your old self (initially). Of course, as all other things, YOU will make a come back, but I always felt that initially the whole world seemed to revolve around my child.

    Anyhoo… everyone is different, and maybe you will stick to the list. And in case you start slipping, I’m sure you can always come back and read your mental checklist.

    But don’t feel bad if one day you take a step back and realize that you’ve become a child obsessed mommy. It happens to the best of us, and it doesn’t make us bad people 🙂 Just take it all in good humor.

  2. hmm hina- i agree about not remaining the same person and life becomeing about your kid-nto an extent. maybe im surrounded by people who are complete extremes- whjich is what puts me off. I have friends with kids who undoubtedly ADORE their children- its aamzing to watch but they dont talk or obsesess about them all the time and then i have people aeround me who absolutely refuse to have any other but the MY CHILDREN conversation- which is a complete turn off because despite motherhood, im sure life does go on- atleast mentally if not physically at first…

    h.k: its not about accepting mnotherhood- its about accepting the fact that im going to make of it. no two motherhoods are alike- i know that but i think the post waas to try and remind myself of the things i do and do not want as part of my own formula.

  3. each person is different.
    you have to know what works best for you and go by it. i think that list was a start.. at least in underlining the main points you want to work around. you can always add and remove bits from it, but the core remains.
    i wish some ppl i know, had made that list before they started off.

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