on different poles for now.

Person Who is Obviously Very Happy for Me :   AAAAAHHHHH!!! This is so exciting. YOU MUST BE SO EXCITED. Soo when when when??

Me, Who Is Obviously Not Sharing The Same Sentiment Quite Just Yet:    Errr…any day now.


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12 thoughts on “on different poles for now.”

  1. if your not excited about the kid, if you go out of your way to be different regarding its birth, or how you percieve every ones perception of it as being so “annoying”..then…it merits this question..why are you having a kid?
    Your blogs are wonderful..a real reality check..but it bemuses me on how you strive to show how different and unique you are…you need to chill out at times…being different is awesome…but trying to be that..it becomes just plain annoying…as in your case

  2. congratulations! WOW. you did it!! i’m soo soo happy. it feels a bit strange to be so happy for someone i’ve never met. much love and lots of dua to you and your whole family.
    let the fun begin!

    we love you 🙂

  3. Congratulations Jammie and Family!

    may your son be full of happiness and a wondeful future!!

    Love from Umaira x

  4. Near the end it seems that everyone is more excited than the mom.

    Sending lots of love your way, remember to keep breathing 😉

  5. acotein- im not trying to be different. on my blog i dont have to try to do anything. this is how i feel. and if you think otherwise, well then you think otherwise. cant really do much about it.

    everyone else- thanks fot the wishes. will blog in a bit.

  6. Jammie,You seem to be a person so full of life-you will be a fantastic mother-congratulations on the baby!I read your blog pretty regulary and want you to know that prayers are coming your way for you and your family from India.Good luck and all the best!

  7. yes, many many congratualtions to you and your family! hope you’re doing well…has the excitement finally kicked in;)

    hope you won’t stop blogging now that the lil one has arrived:)

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