once upon a time, I used to sleep.


To say I miss my sleep would be an understatement of the highest order right now. I remember a time, possibly before pregnancy when I could sleep like the grateful dead lying on my stomach, oblivious to posture, breathing and pains. Pregnancy brought with itself a whole new world of sleeping positions- with pillows plumped all around you, under you, over you and rules galore. Don’t sleep on your back. Sleep on your left side. Don’t sleep on your stomach. Keep flipping to your right. It seemed like even when “asleep”, one was so aware of the instructions and advice, that deep sleep was not possible. A semi conscious state of slumber perhaps, but not sleep which invigorates and refreshes you.

Along came Naddu and out the window went any remnants of even what sleep/semi conscious slumber was left. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” speak the wise. Yes, very well said but how does one sleep every hour for an hour without possibly driving themslves insane or giving themslves a permanent headache? Sleep used to mean uninterrupted time to loll around on the bed, relishing the nothingness of life. And now, its moments of rest snatched haphazardly through the day.

Week three is underway and I am an expert at nodding off in the middle of almost any activity; watching tv, feeding him, eating, social situations. I think I have even perfected the art of catching z’s while looking awake and involved in a semi intelligent conversation. When I talk to other recent moms, the foremost words always seem to be about sleep- or rather the lack of it. We talk fondly about the times when sleep was not an elusive state, when we didn’t look zombie like and were generally better humoured at the end of a long day.

They say it gets better- and its true. You develop a sense of humour about it, one, and two, as “the baby” slowly becomes your baby, it matters less that sleep used to be important. You start functioning on another level of demand and supply with perks like your economics teacher could have never taught you. One gassy smile and you feel less tired. One cute gurgle and the drowsiness stays at bay. So yes, once upon a time I used to sleep, but now I am a mom.


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6 thoughts on “once upon a time, I used to sleep.”

  1. im so happy for you.
    ive been trailing your blog since you were possibly three or four months pregnant

    before that when you were recently married. 🙂

    im so…elevated seeing pics of you two and the baby.

    may Allah bless nadir.
    may He bless your family.

  2. ooooooooohhhhhhhhh I know what you mean!

    But let me just tell you, soon you will be so used to NOT sleeping, that the 2 or 3 hours you get will be enough to keep you running through the day.

    I’ve started giving Ayzah formula once in the night (something I NEVER thought of doing with Iman). I’ve learned that formula keeps their tummies full for longer, and I get at least 3 consecutive hours. For a new mom, that’s luxurious.

  3. Hina, i totally agree! 2 or 3 hours seem to feel like the world!!

    jammie, i so thought of u when i saw that lil clip! cant wait to see your own illustrations emerging! infact – where’s Kay??

  4. aw babe, that sounds really tough. I can’t imagine having such short naps to sustain you all day and night long – make sure k. is helping out!! Also, get those khalas in and have them help with feedings while you snooze for more than 2 hour increments!

    my thoughts and prayers are with you – and email pictures already!!


  5. Once breast feeding is established, around 3 weeks introduce the formula in a bottle for the middle of the night.

    Sophia needed milk every 3 hours and I just needed my nights rest without her fully awake. So I just wake up 30 min before she would naturally wake up for feed and give her, her required ounce. They keep so content that u can even do a nappy change after they r so full. After her last feed at 12am, I did this at 3 in the morning and then again at 7am, and trust me now she is 3 months mashallah and sleeps through the night 12pm – 7pm and sometimes without her one feed if I have not woken up at 3. And by the way it’s not cruel as babies grow in their sleep! 🙂

    Love your blog, you write so well.

  6. thanks meshal 🙂

    hina you are right- im alreeady getting used to not sleeping and im also not comfy going down the formula route right now- so going to try and pull this off for as long as i can- 🙂

    sara- everyones helping out so im happy but the fact is im still backlogged on about 30 hours of sleep 🙂 getting used to it though- its not that bad-

    mehreen- im a no formula type- atleats for as long as i can honestly manage without going insane- maybe 6 months to a year ideally. lets see- its still earkly days yet with nadir so we are still figuring out what works for us- by three months inshallah we should be pros too 😉

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