great happiness and great sadness.

Mummy, K’s nani (more his mom really) passed away last Friday, exactly 3 Fridays after Nadir was born, without having had a chance to meet him or hold him. And once again while dealing with the great happiness and sadness that came our way together, hand in hand, I realized that the control we think we have in life is an illusion. We think our decisions are ours but when things happen which we cannot help or change, we realize with a startling and sudden sense of peace that it was never ours to decide what is to happen. Once that is accepted, everything is a lot more ok and happiness and sadness, flipsides of the same coin. Mummy, we will miss you so much.


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4 thoughts on “great happiness and great sadness.”

  1. very sorry the news. my deepest condolence to you and k.. hope k is alright, may allah give you all strentgh and faith to get through.

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