the i-am-here boxes


I love the tradition of sending out mithai and an announcement telling people that a baby has been born. It was one of the post baby things I looked forward to doing with a lot of anticipation. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “the i-am-here boxes”

  1. aaw hehe! its adorable! As a mum, i LOVE announcements too!

    we never did the mithai thingee, but its a cute idea!

    we’re debating on what to do for our aqeeqah party… any ideas?

  2. thanks guys-
    i did design the boxes cheeky 🙂
    and yes involving others is always a warm feeling…

    hehe maria he actually looks not bad at all wihtout his hair- i thought hed look horrible but he looks knida cute. (or am i just saying that coz im the mom he??)

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