beauty is in the eye of the mom.


I have always been of the school of though that “all kids are not cute”, much to the chagrin of some friends whose maternal instincts threaten to overpower them senseless in the presence of any toddler, cute or not. I just haven’t ever been the sort. I don’t think all kids are born cute.  Sorry but I don’t. But of course one learns to be diplomatic over the years and even when the toddler in front of you inspires no ooh-coochie cooing and aahing, one learns to say something along the lines of  “oh wow, your kid has such expressive eyes” or “mashallah he/she has such different looks- who does he/she take after?” It’s always got an element of truth because it’s just weird to out and out lie, especially to an earnest mom about her beloved child.

Having said that, and now having had the honour of being a mom, I take all compliments with a tiny grain of salt. Heh. I love hearing how cute Naddu  is, how adorable his outfit looks, how responsive he is (mashallah, mashallah mashallah, allah ka shukar) because OF COURSE he is, but at some far flung corner of my all too logical mind, an annoying little voice reminds me of the countless times I have done this to people and I wonder if it is now payback time! haha.


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5 thoughts on “beauty is in the eye of the mom.”

  1. I have learned over the years that every child is *special* in their own way.

    You just have to word it correctly when the parents ask what you think.

  2. i kind of had that same thought all these years. :S though never said it out loud ever! and i also thought that all babies look the same. couldnt imagine what the fuss was all about.
    it’s only few years ago that I changed my outlook. looking at my nephews and nieces just hours after they were born, i could tell in an instant if the child looked more like his/her mom or dad. even i was surprised at myself. because you have spent so many years with the parent, and then when you get to spend time with the baby, that -automatically- makes him/her cute in your eyes.
    i’ve also realized that there is a difference between a cute baby and a good-looking baby.

    that’s what i think, and has sort of worked out for me!

  3. hehe:)
    well im still one of those girls. in fact im very commitment phobic, children toh duur ki baat. im insanely scared of kids, mostly cos they cry for no reason and im scared that if i hold a kid and he started crying in the presence of the mother shell think i pinched him


    you might not have time to follow blogs but do visit mine sometime

    🙂 and put up pics!!!!
    of you and the baby!

    🙂 hope u and K are having a blissful time discovering the parent in you.

    – mesh

  4. 🙂 true that.
    but whoa, it never even occured to me that any compliments Hana’s ever got weren’t for real, until now.

  5. Haha. how true.
    well i am too young to experice what ure experiencing. I dont think any any ANY kid in this ENTIRE world is cute. I am scared of kids and they are sacred of me.
    Anyhow.. i llvoe yr bllog.belive it or not i am alomost done reading all of yr posts.
    You must be thinking i must be a maniac but no. I adore blogging and blog-reading.
    happy happy.

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