my baby’s first wedding


So many things in life have such a peculiar way of working out. When I found out I was expecting back in October, the first thing k and I did was to do a quick calculation of the birth date- to see how badly it would clash with m’s weddiing. Fortunately for us all, the due date was exactly a month before the wedding and little naddu increased that gap by arriving an extra three weeks early. That three week bonus has been a God-sent because, not only has it give me the much needed time and space to recover and spring back to my usual self,  it has meant that naddu is slightly bigger and can be a part of the festivities of his khala’s wedding by atleast dressing up. With special hand-made by humaira nani pyjama kurtas for each occasion, naddu is ready to rock at his first ever wedding and as always, this drives home the fact that we can never plan and control; we can only plan and pray. And believe what happens will be for the best.


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12 thoughts on “my baby’s first wedding”

  1. mashaAllah infinito! 😀 arent those the most lovely pictures! 🙂 these are also the “lots of ‘nazar-utaro’ times for the baby!” so, be prepared! 🙂

  2. lol…sadly the bum sleeps to the sound of loud music.
    i had to keep rocking him to keep him asleep since you’ve made him quite comfy being asleep in your arms while you dance.

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