two down- m ki shaadi


It’s two years later and so many things are so different. And yet as m’s wedding week starts, I realize that so many things are exactly the same as well. It’s one sister getting married and the other two trying their utmost best to make sure it is the most special time of her life yet. It’s one sister allowed to be a painful bridezilla type while the other two try their utmost to put up with it. It’s one sister dealing with a hundred things about to change while the other two try to convince her that most of the important things stay the same. Shaadi times bring a lot of the issues that exist between people to the surface. Everything is a lot more raw, more real, maybe because suddenly in sharp relief you see you have so much more in life to be constantly thankful for. Lots of prayers to m for the week and especially the life ahead. Love you.


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3 thoughts on “two down- m ki shaadi”

  1. isn’t that true? been there, done that, just now.
    best wishes to m for her wedding, may it be everything she’d always imagined it would be!
    hope you and naddu have a blast too!

  2. it’s almost like a quick recap of your shaadi, just that this one has a baby host and a different hero and heroine! all other main characters the same with just a little shuffling in responsibilities!

    much prayers, duas and bhangra! 😀

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