renewing wows.


I love weddings of close people because it affords you the opportunity to really get up close and personal with your own reasons for havng married the person you married. You move quietly into an analytical mode, watching the proceedings with an unerring eye, comparing subliminally to how things were at your time, what you felt, how you dealt, slowly coming to realize how much you have moved on and changed since then. You look at other couples and learn from their dynamics, jotting down do’s and dont’s of relationship in that invisible book that exists on your mind. You observe how much little stuff and how little big stuff matters and you wonder if it was all always this clear or have you actually come a long way.

There were so many things about M’s wedding I wanted to control. Mainly because I remember those things spinning out of control at my time. I kept advising her to make the dholki function small and intimate. I kept telling her to enjoy her time before the wedding with her closer friends and let the silly little details be. I wanted her to be thrilled about all that she had working for the wedding as opposed to all that was not happening that exact way she wanted, because in the larger scheme of things and life, those are not the things that matter. I learnt all this in hindsight of course, and being the eldest, you always feel hnour-bound to atleast try and share the “wisdom”, even though chances are every attempt will be met with a wall. So two years down from my time, watching M looking gorgeous sitting on the stage, married to a very obviously ecstaticF, reminded me of so many things that I had promised to myself for my life ahead with k and it was the perfect milestone (with Naddu being born) to take stock of how much of the wedding wow remains and what I more need to work at.


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13 thoughts on “renewing wows.”

  1. you know what was really funny-exciting-cool-et al about this wedding for me… from being a ‘blogger-friend’ of your’s and kAy, i actually ended up having this really random-awkward-relationship [my orkut profile for her says it all!] with M and was actually invited to the shaadi.

    and though i could only make it to the mehendi, it was fabulous! 🙂

  2. mashalla. the pictures are really cute, all of them!

    M seems kind of happy, how it turned out 🙂

    naddu cutey smiles in his sleep!

  3. this post made me smile. i did the same with Misha all the time – sharing wisdom i’m not sure she appreciated. 🙂
    it’s funny – you and i, we got married around the same time, had our first child around the same time and now, our sisters got married around the same time.
    and i love the pictures you’ve posted!

  4. thanks guys- 🙂
    pray all is good with them always.

    mona i ahve to get around to cathcing up on my blog reading. will do so now that im back home!

  5. loved all the pictures; especially the ones on facebook! It’s always such a treat to enjoy other peoples’ weddings and be relieved that you’re not the one on display…we always appreciate how much we love our couple-ness being left alone now that we’re not newbies anymore!

  6. I totally agree with Sara above! I was FORCED by all the aunts to keep my mouth shut and look down all through my nikah reception and I was being absolutely TORTURED and whenever I looked up to find my cousins taking pics and having fun socializing I used to get this “look down stop smiling” order always!
    I’m so not submitting to anyone for the wedding and valima now!

  7. mashAllah very nice pictures – seems you all had a great time – is M’s valima jorra from hina khan?
    best wishes for the whole family

  8. Okay how ever much funy it may sound…but i love your blog!!
    i have read yr entire blog entires…..n u have given me unrealistic thoughts about life after yr shaadi. seriously.
    tho i m too young right now to gget married i supose. anyways…nice work. n ill wait to se more from you.
    ps..yr baby…is really cute mashallah. ( its rare that i m saying it cuz i usually dunt think babies r cute)

  9. I’ve been following your blog for a long time. Its a great read and something always hits home.
    The pictures are lovely, everyone seems radiant. May they remain so always. And the dresses are gorgeous! Could I possibly copy the colour combo? (I promise I’m not a stalker).

  10. what a wonderful post!
    it seems magical & beautiful mashallah …
    the bride looks just lovely – naturally glowing …
    if you don’t mind me asking, who did her makeup.. i’ve never seen a bride look so naturally pretty 🙂

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