like father, like son.



From the moment the baby is born, the burning question on everyone’s lips seems to be who he looks like. The father’s side loves to claim ownership of every twitch, every smile, every nuance whereas the mother’s side looks for personality traits which are reminiscent of their genes. The subtle battle continues, fuelled by all the randoms who arrive to offer their opinions. “Naak bilkul  apnee mama ki hai Naddu ki…” or “He is a carbon copy of his father…” or “Chota k lagta hai”.

N has changed so much in the last two months. There are days when I see so much of me and my sisters, my father shadowed in his face, his expressions that I am spooked by the whole idea of this little part of me. And then suddenly he will do something, a gummy nutty smile, a belly laugh or a look or a frown that will be k to the hilt. It’s amazing to see him day to day – a perfect mix of the two of us, looks wise and moods wise, and enthralling to imagine that one day, he, too will make his own choices, independent of ours, in some ways similar because of who we are and in others ways completely his own, because of who he will one day become inshallah.


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7 thoughts on “like father, like son.”

  1. Lovely photos. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your family come together.

    I’m going to mail you a series of pictures I took of Iman, starting from birth, and then the 26th of each month until she turned 1. It’s amazing to see how her face changed over the course of the year. Right now I am doing the same for Ayzah, and after the first year, I take a picture on each birthday and add it on.

    And yes, children wear a million faces before they decide to settle on one. Watching it change is just spectacular.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    i miss nadduuuu!
    its strange but when i see his pictures, i suddenly feel restless, as if im going to miss out on the chubby-yummy-to-kiss-cheek days!
    even though its only been two months!
    i need to come over.

  3. so true isn’t it, how one side will always try and find similarities..i’d just lose my cool when we were in india visiting all of z’s relatives and they’d explain ‘oh, z ka bachpan hai!’ even though i see him in her when she’s asleep. :/
    and yeah, i’ve always told zman that as much we want her features, her traits to be like ours, we have to remember that she’s her own little person too, and she should have the freedom to be. just be.

  4. oh these are so serene & gorgeous – you seriously have such an eye…lately i’ve been slightly obsessed with dabbling a bit! 🙂

    i can’t imagine how gorgeous it must be to catch glimpses of yourself or k in the baby…my niece does this one random thing that’s so me and i always kinda freeze when i stumble upon it.

    great perspective, as always!

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