when words fail.

Motherhood. Atleast once a day, even now 10 weeks later, someone or the other asks what it feels like to be a mother. And in the wake of the highly enthusiastic and deeply emotional responses of people around me who have babies, all I can muster is “It’s amazing.” Lame, I know, considering this is supposed to be the most life changing event that supposedly hits a woman. After marriage of course. And when people assaulted me at marriage time with this question, I am pretty sure my response was of the same lukewarm consistency.

It’s not that I am not appropriately awed and thankful, I am, of course I am. It’s just that my words are never enough. Because the feeling is too much and the people around me too many. I am most me with the handful for whom elaborate words of intense emotion are not a necessity. Who look at me when I am with k or Naddu and understand that the feelings run deep, very deep. Maybe too deep to ever warrant an explanation or description.


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2 thoughts on “when words fail.”

  1. so true. i hate being asked that question too – i inevitably end up answering along the lines of ‘it’s tiring’, ‘it’s madness’ when in reality it’s hardly anything that can be phrased no?
    i’m always tempted to say, do you have a lifetime to spare so i can tell you what it’s really like? it’s going to take me atleast that long to come up with a suitable response.

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