Mom Knows.


We grow up with the idea that Mom knows everything. The big stuff and the little stuff. She knows about the time you lied about eating before dinner that night and she also knows her 8 times table. She knows its time to sleep somehow, even when you are doing your best to keep your eyes wide open and she also knows that you were very upset when you got that B+ despite secretly expecting an A. It’s partially cultural and mostly instinctive, this overwhelming trust in the mother. We place her on a pedestal, elevating her into an everything-fixer, making her life very tough, and are happily oblivious to what we are doing, until, of course the day when we ourselves are in that position.

Will I be a good mom? We all, especially the first time mothers, are plagued with this question every single time something goes wrong. A sneeze, a cough, a bad day and we are the first ones to start questioning our abilities to actually bring up this tiny thing and ensure he/she turns into a goodish human being without any disasters. We turn to each other with experiences, to the ones who had children before us with questions, and to books with the expctation that all the answeres lie therein. But it’s never that easy to take advice or adopt someone else’s method of doing anything (for someone like me), and especially not for something as huge as bringing up a child. A mere three months into motherhood and I have no idea how we made it this far so quickly, functioning on nothing more than good ol common sense and a gut feeling; but whatever it is, it has obviously, thankfully worked for us. So we go on, Naddu, k and I, listening to the words around us and meshing them with the feelings within us and hope and pray that it continues to be the smooth sailing that it is right now…


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4 thoughts on “Mom Knows.”

  1. god, i feel you.
    on saturday, i lay hana down on the bed, and promptly the tissue box lying on the headboard, though empty, landed on her head, with the corner hitting her sqaure in the middle of her crown.
    she screamed and screamed and screamed and got a little red bruise. i’m still feeling guilty about it. i’ve been treating her like a fragile little flower since
    she’s okay, though, so i’m guessing i too can do this, with a little help, and few mistakes made along the way.

  2. phew! u making me wory:-)
    However I think I will be good to them when they are grown up. Understanding them and rasing them nicely. Well mannered, educated and groomed kids. But since I didnt have my turn yet… I feel clueless

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