inside, outside.


Becoming a mom is easy. It’s being a mom that takes a while. Your body shows it immediately. Your mind takes longer to adjust. But no matter how much you change into the mommy you thought you would never be, there is always the you that you were before baby somewhere inside you, pitching in with words and feelings, helping you yourself be the mommy you always wanted to be.


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5 thoughts on “inside, outside.”

  1. so very true.
    naddu’s 3+ months yeah? the hardest part is over.
    though, i had someone recently tell me that the first 3 months are the easiest, you can do everything on automation mode, soon your child will develop needs you never imagined any little being could have on such a grand scale.
    sorry if i’m scaring you too, but you know new moms and all that.

  2. mona- even ive heard opposing stories of the first 3 months being either the hardest or the easiest. maybe these re just ploys to keep new moms guessing! but you are right about the needs- naddu has started wanting to hold interactive conversations wheras at first he was content enough to lie there gurgling to himself. so now im in demand even more!

  3. wow. true, it is the ‘babe’ who makes all the difference! everyone has to be ‘mom’ on the outside, i don’t think there are options. very crucial to give the babe her space as well 🙂

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