the been-there-done-thats of the mom world.

For every one Naddu story I have excitedly recounted to someone (someone who asked mind you- I make it a conscious point to only talk about him when asked), I have had about 2 been-there-done-that responses to it.

There are so many things in life you get to do before someone else you know does it. Travelling, parasailing, a certain job, an exchange program, becoming known for your work, being an inspiration- the list is endless. And then there are things others do before you- settling down, finding someone, getting married, owning a house, decorating that house, having a kid, having another kid. Again, the list is endless. It is the way of the world- to alternate firsts and give everyone a chance to bask in them, enjoy them, relish them, cherish them and yes, sometimes even flaunt them. One of the worst dampers however, the phrase in question. Been there, Done that.

There is no doubt in my mind that all of us have been there done that on atleast one account in life. Whatever it might be. Maybe secretly personally it gives us a higher high than we care to admit for the sake of propriety but everyone’s allowed a deviance once in a while, aren’t we? What I think is not on is being unable to indulge someone who is obviously relishing their time to enjoy an experience by constantly interrupting with your own story of having been there and done it. Sadly enough, it’s an affliction very closely connected with motherhood. Try saying something in answer to “how is your baby doing?” and a seasoned mom will almost invariably interrupt your sentence of “oh its so fun…naddu giggles nonstop” with a louder more excited version of when her precious darling did the EXACT same thing for the first time. Now I have no doubt that almost all babies are capable of similar things but hey, this is my moment, my first baby and it would help if your been there done that was on silent. Thank you.

Disclaimer: To be fair though, I have come across the random very cool mom who actually looks excited with you, for you (despite the fact that she has three children all of whom have naturally done adorable things in their time) and then asks a related question in return reaffirming your faith in the fact that motherhood doth not warpeth every woman.


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2 thoughts on “the been-there-done-thats of the mom world.”

  1. identifying with someone and brushing their joy away are completely different wouldn’t you agree?
    like i get it if a new mom says, ohhh me too. this is what my baby did too.
    but you’re right a lot of seasoned moms just kind of have this ‘whatever, so normal’ attitude that really gets me. i try not to let this attitude get me down though.

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