someone else said it just right.

But you know, this mommy stuff is hard work, and something that no one can rightfully explain to you before you’ve had a child.I thought that after Ruby was born I’d strap her on to me like some exotic appendage and continue my life as I knew it, writing, reading, going to movies, seeing friends, and that I’d stash Ruby in the crib when it was time for me to get some work done. But having a newborn is like waking up in an alternate universe where everything you called your life is replaced with an endless routine of activities previously unknown to you; feeding, changing diapers, playing, feeding, diapers, more feeding, more diapers.

– Laurie Wagner in her Essay “The Good Baby”


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2 thoughts on “someone else said it just right.”

  1. oh yes. OH YES.
    but i’d do it again in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?
    the 14 months that i’ve had the company of hana have been so precious. i know, i must be nuts, but i miss being pregnant.

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