Sometimes in the middle of all that I do each day- my incessant conversation with him, the laughter, the feeds, diaper changes, the photos, the fun, giggles, happiness, the stories, the entertainment, sleeplessness and excitement- I catch him looking at me with an almost perplexed semi-smile (he gets that from k), almost as if he’s lovingly indulging me but secretly wondering if his mommy is nuts.


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  1. his mommy IS nuts!
    and thank god for that.
    a nutty mommy and a really cool K, make for the funnest, giggliest, smiliest, non-steriotypical naddu(read baby) ever!
    naddu makes a great case for anyone who needs convincing to have a baby!

  2. yes he has eyes that absolutely twinkle with naughtiness mashallah – God help me when he can crawl and walk hahaha and yes we take pics of ourselves all day long. 🙂 its one of our daily things to do hehhe 🙂

  3. thank god for naughty eyes…..i love naughty kids….! aik naughty, and then its a jam wyne kid….recipe for yummyness mashallah!

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