The nazar thing.

Truly, it takes a baby- your baby– for you to start feeling shaky about the grantedness you take life for.  Right down to your toes.

As people go, I think I am a pretty “faithy” person. I believe in the good over the bad, mostly and I don’t think I stress unnecessarily about bad things happening until…well…until they happen. And even then, my usual first instinct is to find something good that that comes out of it and try to focus on that. Allah ka shukar, we have been blessed and lucky in our beliefs and lives.

Having Naddu has brought on a whole new dimension to life. A scarier place to be- where having faith takes a lot more than it did before- mainly because it is not only about you. It’s about the tiny little person God created for you. Naddu goes pretty much everywhere with us. Friends places, weddings, coffeeshops, drives. Yes, I am of that school of thought. It is remarkable how many people I know have issues with that. “Dont take him everywhere- nazar lagtee hai” “Don’t expose him- nazar laghtee hai” “Aray keep him safe-nazar lagtee hai.” and yes even “Don’t take too many pictures of him- its not good.”

The concept of nazar- or evil eye- is an unusual one. By definition, it is “the belief is that a person – otherwise not malific in any way – can harm you, your children, your livestock, or your fruit trees, by *looking at them* and praising them. The word “evil” is unfortunate in this context because it implies that someone has “cursed” the victim, but such is not the case.” Having a dimply baby (modest mother aren’t I?) means that you get seen- or “eyed”- on the streets, at shops, occasions and more often than not by your own loved ones. I have had many well meaning friends, mothers and elders tell me to “nazar utaro” Naddu when I get home. Some methods require burning of chillies, some breaking of eggs with certain prayers, some visiting some mazars- I could go on.

I have been thinking about this a lot and of course everyone has to reach a conclusion that they are happy with. Mainly ever since Naddu was born, I have read the Ayatul Qursi on and the 4 Quls on him all the time- many times a day and night. That is my real-life version of staying the nazar. I cannot bring myself to do all the other stuff- because for me the power of prayer remains the strongest.  Also I figure that nazar aside, I am sure the people who look at him also give their love and prayers right? Surely one cancels out the other?


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10 thoughts on “The nazar thing.”

  1. the other ‘methods’ that were suggested to you, well.. they are just completely wrong. i mean they pass on from genereation to the next and become a custom that needs to be followed.
    it’s got more to do with superstition.. and nothing related to religion and belief.

    i once had a similiar conversation with a person who deals with ‘nazar utarna’ issues, and asked him what’s the best way to protect ourselves from ‘the evil eye’, i mean you never know what the other person is really thinking sometimes or they might mean it with no harm intended..etc.
    he looked then pointed up and said ‘only He can protect you. what you can do is just read the 4 quls and pray.’
    yes i agree very dramatic 🙂

  2. i agree with your approach. i think all the other pratices with eggs and chappals and jhadoos and everything are all bida’a.
    the prophet SAW did the same, read the quls and the ayatul kursi atleast twice a day, at sunup and sundown.
    i find that recitations of the ayatul kursi will also calm babies down when they’re agitated. the best is when the azan comes on and subhanAllah, hana will just stop and listen.

  3. You seem to be level headed and know right from wrong, so I’ll skip that.

    I find it really funny when people say “don’t take the baby out… nazar lagti hai”. Then what are we supposed to do with the kid? Leave them at home?

  4. for sure sara J!
    sab naddu ko dekhiengay nahin toh pyaar kaisay aaiyga? pyaar aiga toh dya bhi dil say niklay gi! 🙂
    i luv this post!
    lots of duaz and luv to naddu and mommy!!

  5. “Also I figure that nazar aside, I am sure the people who look at him also give their love and prayers right? Surely one cancels out the other?”

    Thank you! I had said precisely the same thing when some people in the family wanted to keep my adorable l’il nephew indoors when he was a baby but was scoffed at for having said that!
    Nice blog!

  6. i totally agree. one shouldnt be swayed with all this superstition and nazar nonsense.Heartfelt prayer and lots of love is totally sufficient. =)

  7. I have always been very scteptical about Nazar, however i am aware that it is something which does exist since our prophet had experienced it.

    However when you believe your’e child does have Nazar or the bad eye, you try anything. I have only just come back from Umrah and took my 2.5 year old baby with me.

    Over their people just absolutely adore children, they shower them with kisses, and sweets and just stare at them constantly. I have never had this experience before, but for some reason, even people in the streets just have to come and kiss your child.

    However my baby has changed so much since we came back, actually about a couple of days before we came he started to get so so so ratty and screams and shouts and even hits me for any small reason. He is usually a very good child and i have always been told this.

    SO my instant reaction was that he must have got nazar, i kept praying on him and in the end just had to ask my mother in law for one of her remedies because i am desperate. Inshaallah the prayers will work and its just a matter of time.

  8. Some practices do have some reason behind them that is no longer remembered. Elders instruct on the action wihout providing the rational behind it and at times this rational is lost over time.

    For ex: My mother asks me to mix salt in water and pour it all over the body to ensure that every part is drenched for atleast 2 minutes. then take a bath. This is nazar utarna.
    Rational behind this she found out was that the salt is helps is channeling negative enegy out of the body and “evil eye” is gone.

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