Inheriting the world.

I met B at an anniversary dinner a couple fo months ago- the first time after we had Naddu. I like B, shes outspoken and funny and irreverent and she honestly seems to not care about what anyone thinks. Which is why a conversation with her is always refreshing because one doesn’t have to tiptoe on eggs pretending to be all politically correct about anything.

“Why on earth would you choose to have kids in this country?” she asks blatantly after congratulating me and making the appropriate cooing noises when shown a picture of Naddu. “I mean isn’t it enough that we have to live here now you want a child to grow up here also?” Under normal circumstances, I would have simply lashed out, but because I happen to like B, I controlled my spasming facial muscles and asked in what I hoped what a voice not quavering with too much indignation, “Why would you say that?”

“Come on, you can’t be serious. Don’t you remember our childhoods? Being able to cycle when we wanted? Where we wanted? Less pollution. Safer neighbourhoods. Just the overall sense of better life. Now if you want to bring kids into the world wouldn’t you rather atleast do it in a safer more progressive country where you can give your kids what they need?”

“Bringing a kid into the world like this…” is such a hot topic of discussion, more so whenever happens in the city which disrupts our already hanging-in-the-balance political atmosphere. I have no answer here except that everytime someone talks about the future, I say a prayer for Naddu and all other children who will inherit our wars and fights and burdens.  The tension, the volatility, the mistakes no longer only belong to this side of the world. It ‘s something of a global issue and  I also hope that along with all the bad things they also inherit a sense of hope, peace and faith that good eventually does win out over evil because in many cases, and in the way I choose to bring up Naddu, believing does make it so. M put it well when I asked her if she thought of this before she had her baby and she says “Of course, I wondered what kind of a screwed up world will he  grow up in- and why on earth do I want to do this…and then I realized it is because  a part of me is selfish and I want to know and live the kind of hope only a baby brings- one that makes you feel glad that there is a tomorrow.”


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23 thoughts on “Inheriting the world.”

  1. Each era of our world has had its share of worries and problems. From the beginning of time, through the dark ages, depression, World Wars and so much more, parents always looked at the future through their young. That’s all that the anyone ever has… if we stopped having children purely because the world wasn’t good enough for procreation, then human beings would have been extinct a long time ago.

    In another point of view, it’s only after you have children that you start taking responsibility of your surroundings, and feel more compelled to make the world a better place. Not only do our kids give us hope, but they inspire us too!

  2. so true sara! i’m actually working on a similar post this minute…it’s amazing how your perception of EVERYTHING changes when you inherit the responsibility of a little one….funny enough, we just purchased our karachi tickets yesterday afternoon! 🙂
    email me when things settle down..mwah.

  3. it’s true, what hina says. i think the fact that we have children inspires us to make a change for the better.
    the flip side is that some people will teach their children their warped ideas and beliefs :/
    hopefully though, the number of children learning the right values is more than the number of children learning the ‘other kind’ of values and that the world really will be a better place tomorrow than it is today…
    we have to believe that, don’t we?

  4. ‘it’s only after you have children that you start taking responsibility of your surroundings, and feel more compelled to make the world a better place.’

    as limited minded a statement as one would expect from ppl who mommy blog ad nauseum. As far as I am concerned this over glorified mommyism is just one way for certain women to try and impress their importance upon the world. Get a life.

  5. thanks guys for your comments-

    Maria- sadly by that comment you have shown what a limited mind you have in not being able to accept that people CAN blog about what they want and you don’t have to agree with everything for it to be real. Motherhood IS glorious. All Mothers ARE impt and they have MORE of a life than many useless blog readers I know.

  6. Maria… sweetie, we have the most important job in the world, and what we do with our lives can’t be done better by anyone else 🙂

  7. i enjoy reading your ‘ over glorified mommyism’ posts. they make my day! i’ve been around enough moms, who are slaves to their routine and complain 24/7… so once in a while if some mom happens to be so positive about her life and all that come with it, and loves sharing it with others.. then i don’t have any issues.
    bring it on 🙂

  8. i have this mental image in my head i have to communicate:

    >>>hinamommy standing on a pedestal drabbed in white nun-like gowns, holding her hand over her sons head saying piously: “i am the great mother. i have the most important job in the world, and what we do with our lives can’t be done better by anyone else”<<<

    i’m not refuting that motherhood isn’t, but phulease… you guys are not the only mothers out there.

    hinamommy and jammie are acting like they invented motherhood! and its their duty to carry the chastity of it around… somehow…. it’s like the new mullahism (complete with the lack of tolerance for anyone who thinks otherwise)

    on this blog, it is official: motherhood is the new religion.

  9. 🙂 snickering- arent you guilty of the exact same thing you claim i am doing? complete lack of tolerance?

    i cannot speak on behalf of hinamommy but i will say something from me- not to justify anything i ever write but to try and make YOU get it- since you so obviously dont. this blog and whatever i write on it is my way to making real to myself what i go through in a positive way. no matter HOW exhausting a day i have or how tired i am- i DO believe that i have to remain optimistic about what im doing in order to do it even semi-well. i have not claimed to have invented motherhood but yes i have discovered it for me and if reading what i have to say about it for myself – to make myself understand what i feel better- bothers you- then dont read it- simple. dont go around getting personal over something that you obviously have insecurity issues with yourself. if you have something to say, say it to start an intelligent conversaation, otherwise stay quiet and snicker in your own space please.

  10. sadia, i think i do agree with her too sometimes- esp with what all just happened- its scary and you need to keep having faith to go on in so many ways na?

  11. @ snickering onlooker – I only do that on Fridays,
    and yes, I can’t tolerate anyone who thinks less of motherhood. Please leave this blog immediately.

  12. lol@hina!!

    Jammie, Ramadan is truly over on your blog. All the previously chained satans have been released to undermine the true value of mommyhood!!

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