critical appraisals.

I don’t claim to have years of experience as a wife or mother. Both are fairly new job descriptions for me, and I am still stumbling along, trying to take each day as it comes (my sisters would laugh right about now at my words) trying not to let the highs make me smug or the lows take me down. People ask you every step of the day how you are coping. Are the nights unbearable, ask the non-parent types. Are you going back to work, ask the aunties. Does k help, ask the dadis and how are you REALLY doing, ask the friends. Every time someone asks you something, you turn inward, asking yourself what you are doing, how you are doing and appriase your performance crictically. In so many cases, you come up lacking- could have done this better, could have done that better and in many cases, you come up shining because you thought you couldn’t do it at all.  And then you realize somewhere along the way that people will always make comments and judge you but its your own standards you have to come upto- your own gut feeling you have to follow and your instincts you have to obey.


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5 thoughts on “critical appraisals.”

  1. FINALLY an update! I was wondering when the blog would be reawakened.

    Totally agree with you on the judgey type of people! No matter how well you THINK you perform, others will always have their oppinions. I have this girl in our circle of friends who is always commenting on my child raising (she doesn’t have any kids!!) Some days I just want to hand my kids to her and say… “Ok, if you THINK you can do it better, then by all means… DO.”

  2. you done good…you made an adorable baby…
    thats a ten on ten!!!!

    the smiliest, crazyesy, foot chewing, gurgling, squealing little laddu!

    yusra hogs him.

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