aaj kal.

A friend asked me what I am upto these days. In the pause before I answered, a squillion answers regarding baby, work, job decisions, upcoming weddings, personal projects on hold and god knows what else rushed through my head and I discarded each of them before casually answering, “Oh nothing much, just momming about.”


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One thought on “aaj kal.”

  1. hahahhaaa, I know TRULY what you mean!! Some days there is SO much happening that your mind is overflowing, but when someone asks, you’d rather say “nothing” rather than the somethings that are tugging at your brain.

    BTW, FINALLY plannning to meet Mona this Saturday. Really looking forward to seeing her and Hana.

    And also, re. the comment on my blog, it’s just a phase (aren’t they all??). He’ll go through a while of seperation anxiety before he learns to enjoy his independence. You can only provide him with love and security, but you can’t really “teach” him to be independent. That will come on its own.

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