“Give him pheneregan for the flight,” suggested someone.

“Sit in the back so you don’t distrub too many people” said another.

“Keep him slightly overfed so he stays asleep mostly” tells me yet another.

You can ask for advice and plan all you like- but things with babies have a way of happening exactly as they have to. Our first flight was thankfully, wonderful. Luckily the seat next to mine was free so Naddu got to sit supported by cushions, through most part of the trip thoroughly enjoying the crackling sound of the newspaper the man next to him was reading (one of his favourite sounds). A few very excited yells of happiness got us some looks but since it was a morning flight and a less than full plane, the mood was indulgent. First flight for Naddu, check one more first for me.


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6 thoughts on “Airborne.”

  1. I wish I could tell you that if one was good, they all will be. But *sigh* that’s not so. But I don’t want to be a pooper, I’m glad that the first was so well. Inshallah, let’s hope they all are.

  2. i remember my first flight- i was transported inutero from manila to karachi via singapore… did naddu have a chance to fly inutero too?

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