six months, thirty years.


People said the first six months would be the most difficult. That they would crawl by and the adjustments would be hard. And those everyone unanimously mentioned  right after, how 6 months plus would be a “really fun age”. Sometimes I cannot believe we have had Naddu for only six months- it feels like we have known him a lifetime. And at other times it’s like have we had him for SIX WHOLE months? Feels like it was only yesterday that he was born. My mom insists the feeling remains the same even after 30 years. She would know.

Six months old today and I was telling k (quite emotionally) that Naddu has become so big and soon he will be off to college. K, in his usual stoic way of putting up with my melodramatic (hilarious?) exclamations said (hiding a smile), “Yes, love but it will help him if he can learn to sit up first, don’t you think?”


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11 thoughts on “six months, thirty years.”

  1. haha! my dad says the same thing as ur mum, he still gets teary eyed everytime he remembers walking home with me right after I was born !

  2. First I used to read your blogs and I wanted to get married right away……now I read the blogs and I want to have a baby…….!
    and khizra, if you want to spend time with naddu….just go visit hin\m at his place….or his dorm in the college!

  3. hahahhaaa. That’s so funny 🙂 leave it to dad to provide humor to every situation! I get all emotional too… I think at least once a week I marry off my girls in my head (and then start getting teary eyed).

  4. sara, i was browsing through the channels today and came across your dad on one of them… naddu looks EXACTLY like what I would suppose he must have looked in his childhood!!

  5. i’m going to agree with kanwal here …you always make motherhood sound like such a lovely adventure! I know the months are flying for you but I for one can’t wait until nadir’s first bday..ahem! 🙂

  6. hey guys thanks for your prayers and wishes.

    khiz if you are going to wait for alum meetings to meet him then you have no right to complain!

    kat- sara- its all in who you are. you could have the best marriage and the most amazing kids and still be unhappy becvause youre not happy with yourself- and thankfully we know that now!

    sheza- he does look like my dad but only in certain moods- im told he looks like ks dad also- and me and k also and everyone else- all depending on his mood!

    marya- he sits up for a bit- then topples over 😀
    cheeky- im working on him- if i could convert k into a camera loving poser- im sure naddu wont be a problem at all!

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