meh? beh?

If I was to try and stay “updated” on all Naddu accounts of things I find awesome and adorable, I would be posting atleast twice a day. Maybe thrice. That particular incident when he laughed long and helplessly because he finally realized what tickling is. Or rolled over both sides for the first time and broke into startled chuckles. Or that time when he learnt how much fun spitting out food can be. Or when we made him taste chocolate for the first time. The first time he sat up without toppling over, the new up-up-up trick that has him delighted no matter how many times you repeat it. It goes on and on- little pieces of time I try to capture- on my blog, in my journal, in the baby book, in the albums; things I know I will one day forget as more exciting things keep happening. There are however, some things which I won’t.

Last week, Naddu was taking a nap and I was using the time to either quickly check mail, send off work, put away laundry (I don’t quite recall) when suddenly I heard a snuffling sound (him getting up and trrying to roll onto his stomach to get a better look around) and suddenly I heard a tiny voice pipe up, clearly questioning, “Meh? Beh?” I turned around instantly and there he was, big gummy smile, head up, looking side to side and again, “Meh? Beh?”

Of course it could have been a coincidence, but it wasn’t. Of course they could have been random sounds but they weren’t. Don’t ask me how I know. I just do. And this I won’t need to try to remember, I think I just will.


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