The Lion In Me.

Like most people on Dec 27/28, our main aim was to get home. Not anyone’s one. OUR home. Surrounded by the abundance of familiar things to feel stable and secure. We spent the night at my moms after a 3 hour bumper to bumper journey from Hussy’s nikah and decide to go home (a mere 3 mins away) the next morning. As we sped crazily along the fountain road at the back, not a soul in sight, a few feet ahead we saw something burning and k slowed the car down a fraction. Before we had a chance to even realize  was happening, a rock hit my side of the car straight at the window which shattered and collapsed in my lap, shocking the life out of me and Naddu who was also on my lap. K gunned the car away, madly rushing to a place where we could slow down to assess any damage- see if I was hurt or Naddu who, thank God, after a couple of startled wails was smiling again. A minute later and we were home, and on shaky legs I made it upstairs, brimming with emotions I don’t have words for.

If I could have gotten out of the car at that minute, I would have gone and strangled the man who threw the rock at our car. The man who probably, has no clue what democracy means. Who has no idea that by this senseless retarded behaviour, he isn’t expressing his grief over BB’s death but his complete lack of respect for what she claims she stood for. At that minute, even I, with all the common sense I claim to have and all the education I should use to control my reactions in moments of extreme stress, was reduced to an injured angry animal who wanted nothing better than to lash out at that miserable human being who tried harming her loved ones. At that minute nothing mattered, not reason, not logic, not sense. Maybe that is why one needs to calm down before one reacts- otherwise we have a burning city on our hands.

Naddu and I are both, Allah ka shukar, completely fine, barely scratched- emotionally or physically- in the whole episode, thanks to the love and prayers of everyone who wishes us well so often and so generously. Keep us in your prayers, please.


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7 thoughts on “The Lion In Me.”

  1. democracy is for people with the sense to know how to use it.
    such a decision cannot be left in the hands of the masses.we’ve seen what the masses decision making skills entail.

  2. hello khizzy,
    i take strong offense to the above statement, not because it is fabulously politically incorrect but because it is obnoxious, stereotypes in the worst way possible and reeks of bourgeoisness coupled with ignorance.. we are all masses my dear girl, and even a country with a high literacy rate can choose a bufoon as a leader and repeat the same mistake quite happily

    so glad you are safe… they burned my sisters car and my aging inlaws who live by a popular restaurant that was partially burnt, were assailed by strong fumes all night, not to mention constant firing from next door bilawal house… there is so much to say but its all so crazy and warped, dont quite know what to say.. i hear you… be safe.. youre in my duas

  3. subhanAllah, that was scary to read, much less imagine what you and k must have gone through in those few minutes. i’m very glad that you’re okay.
    you’re in my prayers. the situation in pakistan is explosive – stay safe.

  4. cheesoo,
    since i take no offence of what you say, i wont turn this into a comment war.
    maybe my statement is an emotional rant…or maybe i mean it.
    im not completely over everything i went through the other night to be able to make that decision.but i can say that this has become quite a sad pattern.when you have to sit in traffic for hours, dodge bullets, rocks and fire, and spend the night at a shady hotel, when home is only 15minutes away…you tend to think such things.and at this point you will find many at this point who have ‘survivor stories’ of their own who will make
    statements that are, “fabulously politically incorrect ,obnoxious, stereotypical and reek of bourgeoisness coupled with ignorance.”

    but then again…maybe we’re just being emotional.and thousands of wild eyed, stone and firey torch carrying, property destroying, innocent people hurting people can be given the benefit of the doubt.

    sorry jams.dont want to turn your comments into a chatroom.will discontinue here.

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