Some days get hard for no reason suddenly and then, if you are patient, you wait, for something amazing to happen to you, just so that everything can clickety click back into its rightful place. So I got a call yesterday “I have realized you are my joy buddy.” I was smiling before I knew it and I asked, “What exactly is that?”

A joy buddy, I found out, according to the January 2008 edition of Oprah’s O magazine, is a friend who is your running partner in your pursuit of happiness. A friend who keeps your energy and optimism level high and helps you go for what they refer to as “the highest form of happiness.” Everyone possibly has one, the one person they can call or email or message when they need a reaffirmation of their own mental attitude towards life- to hear from someone else’s more convincing mouth what you secretly already know deep inside but don’t want to believe.


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6 thoughts on “yesterday”

  1. wow. in this day and age there’s a word for everything!
    but i must say the despcription is so accurate.. i always referred to that feeling with my friend as [~magical~ sprinkled with fairy dust]..could think of any other way to describe it! never knew Joy Buddy was the word :S
    can i also add that you, jammie, are definately my online JB. i’m not even joking.
    very rare to find.

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