Day before yestreday, as per habit, Naadi (his nickname’s evolving with personality) chomped down on me a little more expertly than usual and I felt the top ridges of the lower two teeth graze my finger. To test it out and make sure, since he wouldn’t open his mouth for inspection, I held out a biscuit and when he bit down, there was no soft squidgy sound. I heard a very distinct and satisfying “crinch” as a little piece broke off and disappeared into his mouth. Ladies and gentlemen, the baby days are now numbered.


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3 thoughts on “crrrrinch.”

  1. yay, naadi. mabrook jammie.
    it’s feels so great and yet, sad at the same time. our babies are growing up. they’ll be a year old each soon.
    i want to shrink her and put hana back inside, sometimes.

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