Topics that deserve individual blog posts of their own

1. Nadir is crawling now. Serious full on crawling towards something with the aim and mission to explore and destroy. Shiny objects and moving things watch out!

 2. He knows his name now- and he responds to it. It is a TOTAL high to say “Naadi” and have him look up at me with a big smile, asking, “Yes momma? You want something?”

 3. When he is very sleepy, he will lie down next to me, mumbling sleepily, about how his day went. It is a full fledged conversation. And when he is about to completely crash he will look around for k, waiting for him to come lie next to us, hold his finger and then fall asleep, sighing to show his contentment at having his world complete. And no im NOT making this up.

4. When he wants to go out, he will crawl right up to my feet, and look up with his huge doe eyes, and go “BUPBUPBUP BRRRRR” Translation: “Pick me up-up-up and take me for a drive in the car.” HOW does an eight month old know what a car is? HOW?

5. The best most spontaneous blinding the sun kinda smile is when he isn’t expecting me to be on the other side of the door and when I jump out going “Taaaa”. It’s like Eid, Christmas a few birthdays have all come together. For me that is.

6. I love him MOST when he is sleeping and then a little more when he is awake. And yes, I cannot decide.

7. Despite missing my “career” life, every single minute I spend with him, I am so glad I am lucky enough to choose to not do anything but grow my baby these days. Thank you Allah Mian.


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5 thoughts on “Topics that deserve individual blog posts of their own”

  1. oh oh oh jammie, how beautiful… this post is exploding with shiny happy mama love… please kiss naddu baba’s nosie for me

  2. hello there….

    I came by from somewhere…not sure where…AND THEN I saw that you have Mona in your blogroll (she is a blogging buddy) so decided to delurk!

    I have to say – your little one is adorable 🙂

    I have a nine month old too -Aditya….and could relate to a lot of what you have said here.

    Have fun and squeezes to Nadir!


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