Nine Things I Love About You.

Today, Nadi turned 9 months old. It’s strange when you think that the time he spent in side me is now equal to his outside time. Not that it matters much of course, but it’s weird. He is becoming such a little boy day by day now, with his own sets of likes and preferences and dislikes and moods and huffs and puffs. My sisters still think I’m guess-working when I make statements like “Oh he’s hungry now” or “He needs a change” or “He doesnt want milk- he wants food” by simply reading his face and gestures but I have come to accept the magic that is being a mom. You Just Know.

So for your 9 months-in-the-world mark, I will write down 9 things that I love about you right now- that I think are gorgeous, funny, lovely, nutty, brilliant and amazing and an insight of who you will, one day, become. That I cannot believe you do already (you are SO tiny) and then at other times, in those actions, I can see you being almost adult-like (you are SO big). Here goes.

1. I love how you are such a morning person- when you wake up all confuzzled, with your hair curling like an afro at the back, eyes wide wide open at the thought of another day ahead. You look around and suddenly, without fail, break into the most heart-melting smile before you proceed to haul yourself up against me and pound the living daylights out of my face.

2.  I love your eyebrow quirking. You got it from your dad. He does it when I have scored a funny point and he doesn’t want to admit it and you do it when I’m being funny and you aren’t in the mood to indulge me by laughing. Inside I know I win each time round.

3. I love your fake little cough. Sometimes, you will cough once because of the dust or smoke or general grime that is Karachi but then to add to the the non-effect of a small single cough, you will throw in a few forced ones for good measure. I can always tell those apart- because I catch you looking at me from the side of your eye also, checking to see if I noticed the extra “effort” on your part. You sneaky lil thing.


4. I love your mad giggles and I love the fact that it’s never the same thing that turns them on. One day it could be a sound like “pfffick” and you will laugh uproariously from your belly for long minutes, and the next day it could be the simple raising of one eyebrow at you that will have you in fits. Stay happy always, inshallah.

5. I love your crying- the real as well the fake one. It’s a mean cruel thing to love- and mashallah you hardly ever cry without actual reason, but the few seconds before you do, when your lower lip quivers and turns into a pout, your eyes scrunch and I know you’re going to to babble-cry, I just look at you and sweep you into a big hug which you first push away then suddenly give into, making us both feel better immediately.


6. I love your thumb-sucking. It looks heartrendingly adorable on you and I don’t care what Other Mommies say about future orthodontic issues or whatever. I know why you suck your thumb when you do and I know it’s your way of letting me know that you are hungry-sleepy or need a change. It’s hilarious that you put your thumb in your mouth then turn to look at me saying making sure I see what you need before you calmly take it out and go back to what you were doing.

7. I love you for being so easily fascinated by the world. By grass and sand and wind. By red and blue and green. By the people on the road, the sound in the room, the speckle on the floor, the light all around. Your wonder is catching and I find myself enjoying things in a way I don’t think grownups can easily. Well atleast not the ones without kids.


8. I love your inquisitiveness and persistence. You have to hold in in your own hand to see. You have to push it with your own leg to tell and if nothing you must sit on it to be able to make up your mind. You don’t want the answers handed to you- you want to explore and discover them for yourself even if it means trying to pick up a tiny thread  fropm the floor for half an hour or ending up with a mouthful of sand.

9. I love that you know your mind. You know what you like, you know what you love and you know what you don’t want to have anything to do with. You go crawling/running to the people you love without hesitancy and you seal shut your mouth at cerelac. You make it crystal clear whose lap you want to be in at what moment and whose arms you want to sleep in next. We could tell form your sighs and smiles and expressions from as early as when you were only a few days old what you wanted….and you knew how to tell me. You still do, except you are a little louder and more persistent now. 🙂

To 9 months of nadi-ness in our lives, no amount of thanking Allah mian can be enough.

(insert special prayer here)


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16 thoughts on “Nine Things I Love About You.”

  1. aww, what a beautiful post and gorgeous pictures too 🙂
    happy 9th naadi.
    also, that you just know thing, so true, huh? i call it my mommysense – kind of like a sixth sense.

    p.s. technically, pregnancy is 10 months long right? that’s what i always figured, with the 40 week thing.

  2. thanks guys- keep us in your prayers.

    and mona “confuzzled” is a k creation. He comes up with words by twisting turning one or two already existing words coz he feels it gives the word more…accuracy, depth and meaning. 🙂

  3. mashaAllah mashaAllah mashaAllah 🙂 – eeqaan still does the cough thing… just 3 more months and this little tiny motoo will be a year old, time fliiiies!

  4. oh Jammie you and Nadi had me in tears…now (and for other reasons) I SHOULD PROCREATE ..just to “recover” the sense of wonder your son has (when all of us have turned so pessimistic of the world around us)….considering I went through an “archival search” of your blog (to get introduced to you and yours) it seems really interesting to go through all those days when you were “doubtful” about being wife and mom-worthy…and evidence now that it all works out in the end.

  5. Can you imagine?? 9 months already – and yeah, I think that turning 9 months is really special, for some reason, I kind of think it makes them a year old (don’t ask why!)

    MashAllah lovely post! I said my duas 🙂

  6. i already ‘inserted’ my dua before commenting!
    as always.. a lovely post. mashalla nadir is really very lucky to have you, and vice versa i guess 🙂

  7. here’s to mommyhood and nadu’s happy/healthy life…you’ve been so positive about everything jammie, even the sand in mouth 🙂 it’s amazing.

  8. hina i also think month 9 is special.maybe the connection to 9 months of pregnancy- although yes i know pregnancy is technically 10 months long (mona- i was being conceptual not technical hahah)

    thankyou guys for the prayers- keep em coming!

    nisreen- if you arent positive you could go mental 🙂 and yes, im really lucky to have him, allah ka shukar.

  9. Thanks for dropping by.

    You’ve just reminded me that I need to do a 9 month post for Squiggles too or I will miss the monthly update again. I better hurry and sort this one out 🙂

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