Small Small Happinesses? (chhoti chhoti khushiyan)

So a couple of weeks ago, Nadi started going to sleep around 10pm for the night, without waking all the way till Fajr. (insert dance of joy here). The first time it happened, k and I just sat there waiting for the requisite 2 hours feed call. It never happened. The next night, the same thing happened. In anticipation of him waking, I found myself in limbo, unable to pick up the phone to make a call, or go online or take a bath. However the following day, with bated breath, I actually suggested we put on a movie or call over some friends.

Sometimes having a baby makes you forget what it is that you did before you actually had a baby. Did we really just throw away all that free time doing nothing? Now when Nadi goes down for a nap, I have a whole list of things I need to accomplish in that time period, all while mentally making a list for the next down time. You can have all the help in the world (or none) but you will still have things which only you can do, of course.

Having been given some of our time back has taken some getting used to. Now, sans Nadi, the first couple of nights, k and I were a bit confused. Happy, yes, but confused. All this luxury of time without the fear of  feed calls? What is one to do with such heady freedom? Slowly, surely you redsicover the “time together” that is not regulated by His Lordship. Your mental to do list starts to calm down and everything is not done in a state of frenzied acitivity. Slowly, you start remembering what life Before Baby was sorta kinda maybe like.


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10 thoughts on “Small Small Happinesses? (chhoti chhoti khushiyan)”

  1. Hey Jammie – hopped over here from Parul’s. I have an almost 9-month old boy…let’s hope he starts sleeping through the night too 🙂

    I loved your 9-month post – my kid does the “wake up and pummel parents” routine too 🙂 And while I may groan inwardly when he chooses to wake up at 5:30 am, just the sight of those eyes shining at the thought of a new day is awesome. The photos of N are stunning, btw – I especially liked the one in the sandbox.

    Mala in Delhi

  2. yayyy!! congrats 😀

    I used to have this whole looong list of things to do (in peace) while the little one took a nap just like you do.

    Ever since she turned two, she just doesn’t seem to need naps anymore!! Its only around 6-ish she starts getting drowsy and if I let her go down for a nap then, I can safely bid farewell to any thoughts of sleeping before midnight!

    *sigh* kids and their ever changing schedules… I’d say make hay (all you can) while the kid naps!

  3. Aaaahhhh. The luxury of bedtime! Once I sleep trained Ayzah, it felt like we got our lives back. In fact, we have DVD date night almost every night! Enjoy 🙂

  4. ugh sarah, i was screaming in my head as i red this post ‘allah kae waastae, chup ho jaaaaoooooo’…. blooody blogging jinx


    i hope he gets back into the routine… some unasked for advice from a 19 month olds mommy (19 month old who wakes up every 2 hours to nurse).. slowly ease him into longer stretches without nursing once you feel he’s not doing it for the food or comfort factor but simply habit.. i love nursing ali baba, it makes me feel things that i have never felt before… but if im honest, which i rarely am these days, i miss my sleep… i really do…

    oh well, just 7 more months 🙂

  5. sigh, welcome back into the club. the doors to this one club are always open – it’s members in and out.
    here’s hoping the jinx is just a hiccup and goes away soon.

  6. congrats!! 😀

    i havent known this pain and so eventually the pleasure either! kabir has been kumbhakarn since birth! used to sleep six hours straight since he was 2 days old!

    could be the breastfeed + formula effect or whatever! but i have been having pretty much a peaceful night’s sleep! now its 8 hrs! he wakes up a few times, but its not to feed! patting along with sleepy singing or a daant (scolding) works its magic in 10mins tops! and even that is not really a regular feature! its usually when his nose is blocked or something! 😀

    enjoy the even happier times!! 🙂

    hugs to nadir!! he looks adorable!! 🙂

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