when blogs collide?



Last night I had Hinamommy and her family over for dinner. We met for the first time last summer a few weeks after Nadi and Ayzah were born and were relieved to find each other “not freaky”. This time round we decided to get the husbands to meet. “So what do you think, finally meeting a blog friend of your wife?” Hinamommy asked k.

The blog world is a funny place. You know so much about someone and yet you don’t know them. The choice to cross the line and become actual friends is a tricky one. There are these invisible boundaries because you know details about each others lives that, under ordinary circumstances, would takes many months and several meetings to put together. But as dinner last night would say it, sometimes the combination is good, the conversation is good and yes, the food is good. Oh and importantly, the children ended up sharing the toybox after all.


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5 thoughts on “when blogs collide?”

  1. lovely!

    Mona and I ended up meeting the day before too and hit off instantly…

    You’re so right about the trickiness of the situation, knowing so much about people without really knowing them, but if you’re lucky and find the person to be your type its great.. esp in my case where moving meant we had to start on building a social circle from scratch too..

    the babies sure seem to be having a great time together! hehe 🙂 cuties!

  2. and since i read both of your blogs while im expecting my first…accept my congrats on hooking up and becomming friends! your blogs make me look fwd to the little one in my life.

  3. I love these pictures…it’s like a zoo!! And I also peruse Hina’s blog from time to time so it’s weird to see all of you together! 🙂 I especially love Nadir’s expression in the first picture! Let’s have a big mommy bloggers convention next time we all are in Dubai together and get Mona in on the action! 😛

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