right things feel good.

Words that clicked from the blog that got me blogging in the first place,

trust the gut. haven’t we heard that one before. new moms become obsessed with ‘doing the right thing’, and yet ‘the right thing’ is some bleary object in the distance that you cannot quite identify because it is being concealed by all of the well meaning advice and boatloads of information from a million different sources (none of which you can keep straight any more.) i have become convinced that ‘the right thing’ is just an illusion, created by others who think their way is the right way. there is no ‘right way’, (and haven’t i told myself to always be wary of those that tell you there is?), but there is a definite ‘what feels good for me even though I don’t really know for sure’. you can just go with that. really you can.

in this new world i know nothing. and i know everything.”- Keri Smith


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5 thoughts on “right things feel good.”

  1. you know something.. generaly speaking it’s so annoying beacuse people are always out there waiting to pull you down, or mock you for what you think is right and being different.. ‘oh inko dekhna, yeh chali begum…’
    sometimes the whole process of doing the right thing becomes so consuming. but i guess the end feeling is definately worth it 🙂
    one option would be to wear that thing, u know the one that horses use to cover their eyes. just look straight ahead and dont let anything else get to you! i could seriously use that on some days.

  2. Jammie: just curious- and you dont have to answer this if you dont want to- do u have a maid? I have been told by tonnes of people lately that hiring a maid now (my son is almost 3months) is a good idea as the baby will get used to her …any advice? (Personally i really dont see how another person will take care of my bacha the way i do and like you, i have taken off work so dont have any commitments as such either.But just wondering..)

  3. batool- no maid..YET. just a general around the house person who does the cooking/cleaning/managing- she was part of the household before i got married- and shes been a godsent- for nadir theres me!! i do plan to get someone eventually for him- who would just watch over him once hes older- so i can go back to a little bit of teaching- but all that is just talk right now 🙂

  4. Thats good to know. I would like to do the same however i went to a birthday where i felt i was the only one without a maid!.There were too many mosquitoes and i left early because i had to fully protect baby against them, had no snack grabbing time or anything. was asked by someone why i didnt get a maid..Im the last persn to succumb to social pressure but that made me wonder. Good to know a normal, previously working mum like you managed without one .

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