to my mom, with war and much much love.

Even though I have been standing in my mom’s shoes for only a year as yet, I can see it probably started long ago, when simple things like she wanting to hold my hand but me wanting to walk it solo were the very beginnings of the rebellion that was to last us a lifetime.

Being the eldest means there’s always a war that you have waged with your parents that the ones after you will benefit from. You are the one who had to fight for the stay-out-late privileges, break in the phonecalls from boys idea, try to explain to them that mehndis start, not end at 11pm, that going out for coffee is not an outing that needs to be asked extensive permission in advance for. You have to fight for the right to a car- even if its your own, you have to assert your independence harder, explain what a college study trip is and eventually figure out how to tell them you have chosen who you want to marry. You are the one who gets blamed the most for setting an example but then also gets trusted the most to set that example.

Some days, I want to run to my mom with Nadi in tow because only she can make it all seem easy. And at other times, I want to run away from her, to try and prove to her that yes, I can do it all by myself and I don’t need anyone to hold my hand. Heh, I suppose not much has changed in 31 years except I am beginning to wish on many many levels, that I turn out to be even half as amazing a mom as mine has always been.


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5 thoughts on “to my mom, with war and much much love.”

  1. Oh wow! Look at that amazing amazing picture!! I love it!!!

    And the post… well, we waited for it long enough, and it did justice. There’s so much that mom’s have in common (us younger ones) and sometimes the words of another ring so true in our own lives!

  2. ditto hina!! jammie’s blog is always something that i can connect with simply coz she puts out something that i can totally relate to.

    sara, def love the piccy!

  3. oh this is so sweet…and i can definitely identify with the “freedom fighter” bit…yup the fun and lovin’ of the younger sibling is all ebcause of our sweat and blood!! There is a lot of sense in the aug 14 pronouncements that has me nodding…you didnt add the endless parties/outings where you had to chaperone the sister or she had to accompany you…JAYNGEE tau dono behney jayengee…my sister used to announce “yeh meree ayah”hai to all her friends….

  4. circle of life, saroo. what a beautiful entry. and the pics are of equal beauty, if not more.

    delayed in an airport, I am–which enables ample time to catch up and read.i’m flying to tradeshow in Baltimore, MD and then will meet my family in Washington DC for a small vacation.

    your entry made my anticipation to see my mom even greater.


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